Monday, January 16, 2012

Confessions Of A Pregnant Cyster Part 2

You can catch my last confessions here

7. I love the fact that my body is preparing for our little girl, but I have decided that having a big chest is way over-rated!

8. Now that I m feeling much more normal and am out of the scary 1st trimester (when there is a high risk of miscarriage) I often forget I am pregnant even with this big belly!

9. The further along I get in this pregnancy the more I worry about my mortality. I keep thinking I just can't miss Peanut's first job, wedding, first child, last child. Hell, I even want to meet my great grandchildren. There better be a cure soon!!!

10. We are in the process of moving out of our little apartment and house hunting is driving me mad! I really despise moving!

11. I don't know how much more tired I am now that I am pregnant, but I now allow myself to nap whenever I feel like it even when it isn't necessary. I claim it is good for the baby!

12. I sometimes wait until about 30 minutes before my husband comes home to quickly clean the house and make the bed so I look like I was productive on my days off (even when I was really napping all day).


  1. Love your confessions list! I'm so with you on number 12! Don't tell my husband although I'm sure he totally knows.
    Just wanted to update you on the pulmozyme. I talked to my GP and she convinced me to take it. I feel better now I`ve made the descision and thanks for your reply. I`ve taken six courses of antibiotics so far(in the six months I`ve been pregnant)so I figured with all of those one more thing shouldn`t make a difference. I guess all CFers are totally different. Although I`m pretty darn healthy in CF terms I can`t seem to fight of staff infection on my own while pregnant. I get off the drugs for a week and it all comes back really quickly. Hence every month I`m on antibiotics. At least it`s not IV`s yet.
    Love reading your blog, such an exciting time!

  2. I do #12 all the time and I'm NOT pregnant! LOL. I love your confessions - they make me laugh or give me insights into CF pregnancy. I've been thinking about my mortality a lot recently too, which is partly why I haven't been blogging - the posts would just be too depressing. I want to see our 80th birthdays. There does need to be a cure. . . now.

  3. Hahah! Glad I am not the only person guilty of #12

    About a girl- I am glad you decided to take Pulmozyme and are feeling better. I think that our bodies use so much energy during pregnancy that it can make fighting off our lung bugs even harder. I am sorry staph seems to be giving you a hard time and I hope you can kick its butt soon!

    Megan- I miss your blogs. The internet is too quiet without you. And it is okay to have depressing blogs because all CFers deal with some depressing issues. It is just a part of life, albeit a sucky part!