Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doctors, Doctors, and Dilemas

This has been the week of doctors! I had CF clinic Monday and an OB appointment today. So there is great, good, and not so great news. I will summarize so this doesn't get too long.

The Great:
  • Everything pregnancy wise is going really well!
  • My blood pressure is really low and the docs are very happy about that!
  • My weight is perfect according to my clinic as well as the OB.
  • My baby is GROWING a lot! My uterus is already above my belly button!! Wow, I had no idea she was that high already. The books say they hit the belly button at 20 weeks, but I am short so that must be why she has already passed it! The doc said I was measuring right on schedule. Yay Peanut!
  • Her heart rate is perfect. I love her so much!!!
The Good:
  • My urine test came back sugar in my pee and my CF doc said I didn't need to test for diabetes again until "normal" pregnant women test...sometime between 24-28 weeks. It is good that the doctors aren't concerned at this time, but I know things can change quickly.
The Not so Great
  • My FVC is the same which means my lungs aren't squished yet- Yay! But my FEV went down 0.07Liters. This was about 2%. There are several possible reasons for this
    • It could be due to the fact that I stopped a lot of my meds- Azithromax, Spiriva, Singulair...
    • It could be a fluke. My doc said if I gave a few huff coughs I could possibly get back that 0.07L
    • It could be a sign of an infection brewing.
    • It could be that my last number was a freakishly high blow since it is not my normal baseline.
  • So I am going back in 3 weeks to check my numbers again and see if I need meds. Part of me is freaking out and wants meds now to make sure it doesn't get worse and part of me is freaking out that I don't want meds unless I really need them because of baby. I will call if anything gets worse of course and I may just call to see if I can go in 2 weeks instead of 3. I knew at some point I would need meds because I have never gone 9 months without orals, but I kinda was hoping I could avoid it.

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