Thursday, January 26, 2012

Busy Busy Weekend

Tomorrow is our long awaited anatomy scan. It is the 20 week scan that looks at baby's development to ensure baby is growing exactly as she should. I have heard that it can take up to 30 minutes to get all the information they need which means we may get to see Peanut for up to 30 minutes tomorrow! I am so beyond excited. Unfortunately, it isn't until 4:15 so I have to get through the entire day before the scan. I hope the day goes quickly. They will also confirm Peanut's gender, but we already know (guess at 13 weeks and again at 18 weeks. I saw the "goods" at 18 weeks and she is NOT a boy) so I am not too worried about having Peanut suddenly turn into a boy. I will be posting anatomy scan updates soon!

In other AMAZING news...we got the HOUSE!!!!! The landlord called and said that weird and unusual things were happening every time someone else looked at the house. People got in car accidents, people got sick and were hospitalized, and all sorts of crazy incidents happened that prevented them from renting the house so she decided to stop the search. She said that with all the crazy things happening she realized that the house was meant for us and she was taking down her sign. I am so relieved we don't have to wait one more day to secure a place to live. The house has everything we on our wish list plus more (like a fireplace) and it was within our budget! We are so excited to start the new chapter of our lives in a new (for us) home in a much quieter neighborhood. We sign the lease on Sunday, but we won't move until the end of February. The only bad thing is we have to pack!! Now that is scary.


  1. Yay for getting the house & getting so see peanut again! I'm so glad things are coming together so smoothly for you (: