Sunday, January 22, 2012

You're GINORMOUS Today

I guess my belly really grew in the past week because kids and adults alike were saying how now even with my heavy coat on they can tell I am pregnant. After catching a glimpse in the mirror at the bottom of my coat sticking straight out, I can see what they mean!

I went to the high risk OB on Wednesday and all went well. After getting all the vitals, urine, and everything else in order the doc told me to hop on the bed to we could see baby. I haven't seen her since 13 weeks and on Wednesday I was 18 weeks (now I am 19) so I was beyond excited to see her. OMG, she is beautiful and so big (for 5 1/2 inches)! I really love her more each time I see her. She was looking right at us and kicking her little legs. The doc asked if I knew the gender. I told him they guessed at 13 weeks, but it wasn't confirmed yet. He asked if I wanted to know, he didn't have to ask me twice! He zoomed in and I had no idea what I was looking at! He then pointed to the screen and explained that it sure looked like a girl to him. The second he pointed I knew for sure our little girl was indeed a girl! I was so thrilled even though I already was convinced she was a girl. I was also relieved because we pretty much already have a girl wardrobe in the closet waiting for her and several of the outfits were gifts so we would have been in trouble is she ended up being a boy!

I have to give a little student update because they are making my pregnancy so much fun. My students love to assess how my pregnancy is going based on my stomach. Every morning they scrutinize my rounding belly and make sure to report their findings back to me around lunch time. One Tuesday I was told that I was ginormous, but by Wednesday I shrunk and was just kinda big. My belly seems to fluctuate a lot in their eyes. I don't think they realize that what I wear may have some effect on what my belly looks like. I also had one student come up to me with a friend and confide that she was worried about the safety of my baby. She explained that she was concerned that my coat was getting too tight and I was squishing the baby too much. Her friend then added that her concern was that my buttons might fall off. They really are so cute, but I am glad I don't have body weight issues because being called big and huge would probably not help the situation!

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