Sunday, December 4, 2011

Confessions Of A Pregnant Cyster

So I have some pregnancy confessions I thought I would share with you!

1. I love kids. I am having one of my own and heck I work at a school, but when my husband go out to eat for a nice dinner I HATE when the server sits a family with kids near us. Somehow it takes all the romance out of the experience. It kinda puts me in a bad mood!

2. I still get jealous of pregnant people. Uh, weird! The other day a girl I went through the credential program with announced her pregnancy on Facebook and I got jealous until I reminded myself that I was pregnant too!

3. I cry a lot! Luckily, I cry out of happiness rather than sadness. I think hormones get to me and when I think about being pregnant or my little baby I get all emotional. They are happy tears, but sometimes I feel like a freak driving down the freeway or while knitting my baby a blanket with tears streaming down my face.

4. Trying to think of baby names frustrated me to no end. I can't find even one name for either gender that I somewhat like! I find looking at names annoying.

5. I can't truly believe this is my last pregnancy. I know I have CF and I thought that if I could have a baby I would be so blessed and would play it safe with only one. Now that I am pregnant I keep thinking that this is my first, but not my last baby. Wishful thinking or mothers intuition? I dunno.

6. At my last ultrasound I was in awe of my baby, but left feeling a little confused/weird. The baby at 8 weeks looked nothing like the baby at 12 weeks and for some reason it was hard to believe that it was my same peanut. I felt weird not being able to recognize my own fetus and wondered where my little peanut went!

7. I know I am pregnant, I know I will have a baby in June, I have seen ultrasounds and the heart beating, but the reality that a little person is inside me moving around doesn't seem to register completely. Watching our baby jumping in my womb, but feeling nothing didn't help. I am hoping when I feel baby it will seem a little more real.

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  1. Great post! I laughed at a couple as I can completely understand what you mean, and obviously others that I hope to relate to soon enough! I do think it's funny that you're still jealous of pregnant women, and I totally think I'll be the SAME way lol.