Interviews with CF Moms

Click the names below to read the stories and find blogs of other women with CF who are pregnant or mothering:

Pregnant Cysters:
Anika- 26 year old cyster who is 24 weeks pregnant. Unlike many people with Cystic Fibrosis she was able to easily and quickly get pregnant with her baby.
Colleen- 25 year old cyster who is 31 weeks pregnant with her daughter. She is another kalydeco mama who had a long road of infertility and ultimately got pregnant by IUI.

Beth- 25 year old cyster who is 31 weeks pregnant with a little girl. She is a Kalydeco mama who manages CFRD in addition to her CF.

Megan- 25 year old cyster who is 18 weeks pregnant! She struggled with infertility, but was able to conceive through IVF. She is now having a healthy pregnancy all while juggling CF and CFRD.

Cindy- 24 year old cyster who is 22 weeks pregnant with a little girl. Kalydeco has enabled her to remain healthy enough to get pregnant after years of infertility. We believe she is only the second woman to get pregnant while using Kalydeco.

Mothering Cysters:

Kristen- A cyster that was diagnosed with CF at the age of 31. She has two children, ages 12 and 8, who have CF diagnoses as well. 

Sara - A 35 year old cyster with an 8 year old son and a 6 year old son.

Shannon-  A 34 year old cyster with two teenage bonus kids.

Faye-  A cyster with four boys, 7, 5, 3, and 2.

Jennifer-  A 38 year old cyster with two children, a 5 year old daughter and a 10 month old son.

Jenny-  A 25 year old cyster with a 3.5 year old daughter. 

When I first decided that maybe, just maybe I could be a mom some day I didn't know where to turn for support. I knew I 
wanted to be a mom, but didn't know if it was even possible. I didn't even want to bring it up to my CF doctor until I knew that it was even in the realm of possibilities. I decided to search the web to see if women with CF were in fact having children. I found two blogs. One was a woman who had lung function over 100%. The other was a very old blog that was no longer updated. I was relieved to know that at least two women out there were successful in having children, but I was discouraged because I felt no women with CF like me had children. Over the years I kept looking to blogs and forums to find a woman who could give me the inspiration I needed to allow myself to feel that maybe there was a chance I would be a mom someday.

When I was to a point in my life that I was ready to have children I still couldn't find any CF women that I could really relate to. After I already started ttc I finally found a sole blogger who had a somewhat similar CF experience as I did. One of the problems when trying to find someone with a similar CF story as you, is that we are all so radically different. Different energy levels, lung stability, weight issues, diabetes, osteoporosis, bacteria cultures, resistance to medication. We can often feel alone even when talking to other cysters. I started a series of guest bloggers so that even if you can't relate to my experience maybe you can find another cyster you can relate to!

**If you have CF and are pregnant, a mother, or even in the ttc journey and want to share your story I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you! If you have a blog I would be more than happy to link it to my site so you can get more bloggy traffic or you can opt out of blog linking. If you don't have a blog no problem! I really want women and men with CF to hear different success (or soon to be success) stories so that even if they can't relate to my story they may find a cyster or fibro they can relate to. If you are interested let me know by e-mailing me InhalingHopeCF (at) gmail (dot) com. 


  1. I just wanted to say that I am TTC. We are on cycle #3. I have CF, and no issues thus far. My lung function is pretty high, over 90% since last checked. I am not in the hospital often, and the OB doesn't think that it'll take me too long. My cycles are normal, I ovulate regularly, my only problem is really thick cervical mucous. So I'm taking a supplement for that, and will write back when I get a positive test.



    1. Good luck! You are in a great position lung function wise to carry a pregnancy. Lots of CF women seem to have extra thick cervical mucus. I hope you conceive quickly!

  2. I'm 21, I was diagnosed with CF at 3 months old and have only been hospitalized twice. (dF508 for anyone who's curious) I've had 8 miscarriages now, but I just found out I'm pregnant again- and I'm obviously hopeful this is the one! Everything feels different this time, can't wait to meet my little rainbow baby! Fingers crossed!

    1. Oh, congratulations!!! I am so excited for you to meet your rainbow baby. I would love for you to keep us updated if you feel so inclined. Also, I am so so sorry you had to endure the pain of so many miscarriages.