Sunday, January 29, 2012

Anatomy Scan

I was SO looking forward to our anatomy scan because we would have 30 minutes of Peanut viewing time. Not gonna lie it wasn't nearly as fun as I thought it would be. (It is a really long story, but I want to have all the details)

First off as I was leaving work I hit major traffic (which never happens on that freeway that early) because there was an accident. I was trying to remain calm because I had no idea how long I would be stuck going 0 miles per hour. I eventually got home to grab my husband and head out together to the doc. We then hit traffic to the hospital which I knew we would because on a Friday that freeway is always a mess which wouldn;t have been stressful except I was already running behind because of the traffic I hot earlier. We get to the office and are trying to check in when the lady informs us that we were at the wrong office!! There are at least 4 in the city and we went to the wrong one! Ahhh. I don't know why they scheduled me at this other location and I had no idea where it was. We then got directions to the correct office while luckily was very close and we made it only a little late. Now I love the office that I usually go to even though it is big, but it's really new and beautiful and everyone is so darn nice. This other place was old and gross and it was seriously lacking signs. We relied on random people walking in the hall to find the ultrasound room only to find a sign that said "sign in at MRI" We had no idea where the MRI office was and again signage was seriously lacking. We FINALLY made it , but were stuck in a packed waiting room. Then we waited....for an hour!

We finally get called back and I was just happy to see our little girl. My other office (where I got the NT scan) had two screens, one for the tech and one for the mama so you can see everything that is happening. This old decrepit hospital only had one for the tech. My husband got to position himself so that he had a perfect view which I was happy about, but I think the mom should have a good view too. I tried to twist so I could see the screen, but it wasn't all that great. She explained that they would be doing lots of measurements so it may be a little boring, but she would show us baby at the end.

At first Peanut was curled up sleeping by my right hip bone. The tech needed her to move, but Peanut wasn't having it. I was worried she would be lethargic because I didn't anticipate an hour wait so I was really hungry and figured little Peanut was too. The tech had me drink some water and oh my gosh little P went crazy! She was all over the place. The tech kept saying, "Your baby keeps playing games with me." and my husband who had a much better view said she was squirming everywhere! The tech kept laughing because of silly things Peanut was doing which I thought was cute because she does ultrasounds all day long, but you could tell she still liked her job and the babies she was looking at.

The first 30 minutes were pretty boring because she was zooming in so close that we couldn't tell what we were looking at. Even when she told us we couldn't tell unless it was her heart (cause it was beating) or certain bones. She couldn't talk too much because she was measuring and typing a lot. Suddenly I had a horrible back cramp and I had to ask to sit up for a minute. I realized that in order to see the screen I was twisting my back and it caused a cramp. I then had to lay straight and had almost no view of my little baby. The tech did show us the arms, legs, feet, eyes, tummy, and a few other parts that we could make out, but the majority of the time we were confused. I did get to see all 4 chambers of little Peanut's heart which was so cool.

At the end the tech was telling me that Peanut was so wiggly she couldn't get a few measurements and we may have to come back. She finally got the last shots she needed, but said they were blurry because of Peanut's movement and we still might have to come back to get them redone if the doc thinks they aren't clear enough. Fine with me cause I love seeing our little girl.

To the fun part! The tech turned the screen so we could see our little girl. She asked if we knew the gender and I said that at 13 and 18 weeks they said girl so we assumed it hadn't changed. She did the typical crotch shot and showed a empty space between her legs and said that it was definitely a girl! I am so beyond thrilled we are having a girl and I love hearing it confirmed even though I already knew. We got to see a lot of little Peanut and we got lots of pics. She then told me the baby was breech, but because they flip around all the time at this point it was nothing to worry about. She also told me I have an anterior placenta. This made me so beyond bummed and I will explain it in the next post since this one is already too long!

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