Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Week Back

So I survived my first week back to work. I didn't realize how nice break was until it was over. Sleeping in, eating whenever I want, and taking daily naps made me spoiled. I was worried about the stress and hectic schedule of the school year, but my energy level has been fine. Although I will admit by Friday evening I was so ready for the weekend!

I would say the hardest part about working at a school and being pregnant is having to pee so often. I get exactly 2 breaks in my day. One is 15 minutes, the other 30. These breaks include any photocopying I need to get done, bathroom breaks, snack, and lunch. I NEED to eat at each break or I will die, but it is also a requirement I pee. Luckily, my staff is now aware of my pregnancy and they are much more forgiving when I ask 4 times a day for someone to watch my kids or keep and eye on my group while I run to the bathroom. I have the luxury of doing this, but I have absolutely no idea how mainstream classroom teachers survive the day with a full bladder all the time. It makes me kinda glad (for the first time ever) that I don;t have my own classroom. I have to say the last few months when the peeing becomes even more frequent will sure be interesting!!!


  1. Hello. I found your blog through the Cystic forums. I also have CF and am 22 weeks pregnant with my second child. I was looking to see what other CF mom's have done about taking Pulmozyme during pregnancy. I took it in my 7th month with my first child without even really knowing what it was. I was already hospitalized by that point. Now my doctor has recommended starting it again and I've done internet research and am scared to take it again. Just wondering what you have decided?

  2. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Congrats on your second pregnancy! I was nervous to take Pulmozyme after an internet search on safe fetus said it was a category D drug! I freaked out and asked my OB and CF doc. They both said that it was category B and safe to take. I brought it up on cystic where a lot of ladies confirmed that they too were told that it is a category B drug.

    Since I find such an immense difference in my mucus when I take Pulmozyme and the fact that I was told by several sources that it was safe I decided to use it. I personally felt better using it and hopefully prolonging the time between infections than to stop taking it, but require more IVs/oral meds.

    Deciding what meds to take vs which ones to skip is such a stressful part of CF pregnancy. We want to stay healthy, but we also will do anything to protect our babies. Good luck with your decision.

    How is your pregnancy going? I know so few Cyster that are pregnant or have been pregnant, it is so nice to "meet" others in the same situation!

  3. I'm so glad that you're handling the adjustment back to work just fine. One of my husband's fellow coworkers was pregnant with twins - I don't know how she did it the last three months either. She had full control of the classroom without an aid even. Crazy. Good luck!