Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prenatal Yoga

So as you may have read in other posts I am a yoga junky and love kundalini yoga. After becoming pregnant I had to stop going to Kundalini and started going to prenatal yoga. I really miss Kundalini and my yogi, but I feel safer going to someone that specializes in pregnancy. I also love that my instructor is a lactation consultant and also teaches birthing classes. The BEST part it is 6 blocks from my house. If it didn't start after dark I would walk to it.

The whole class is on strengthening the mind and body for labor and delivery. She is always telling us what positions to do during contractions, which to do if you experience back labor, and which positions ease baby further into the pelvis. It feels so empowering to be back in yoga and back to being more in touch with my body. I feel so in tune with my lungs, my mind, and my baby during the sessions. Little Peanut gets so quiet and still during the class which is so relaxing that sometimes I feel like I am in a sleep state, when I am not breathing through the fatigue of certain poses that is. Last night at the very end of class when the lights were going back on and everyone started talking little Peanut gave me a nice big flop. I don't think she was ready for class to be over :)

I love looking around the room of all these woman with little babies nestled inside their wombs. The women range in all stages of pregnancy and last night we even had a woman who was due to have a c-section the very next day. I am hoping to befriend some of these other mommies and who knows maybe we can start a playgroup together someday.

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