Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am Now The Coolest Kid in School!

So I decided that because I am getting so big and the weather is too warm to stay bundled up it was time to tell the kids about the baby. I work a lot in a 4th grade classroom so I decided to tell them first. The kids were so unbelievably excited and I instantly became the coolest thing since sliced bread. Even the boys were all into it. So here is the highlight of what my precious little 4th graders said after finding out.

  1. A group of girl admitted that they thought I was pregnant, but nobody wanted to be the one to ask because maybe I just got fat!
  2. One boy asked, "Does the baby have a dad yet?" I think someone needs a birds and bees conversation...I told him I was married (hence the Mrs, but I don't think kids really think about that) and that was enough of an answer for him.
  3. One boy raised his hand and said he had extra toys that he doesn't play with anymore and asked if my baby wanted them. My heart melted!!
  4. I then had about 10 kids offer me their younger brother and sisters clothes, toys, and worldly possessions. Kids really are the sweetest!
  5. Since the baby will be born in the summer some of the kids wanted to give me their address so I could mail baby pictures! Hahah so cute.
Pregnancy Advice from 4th Graders
Apparently 9 year olds know a lot about a lot about having a healthy pregnancy so here is the advice I was given throughout the day!
  1. Babies love sweets so eat a lot of them.
  2. Babies have a tube that goes in their mouth so everything you eat they eat too. I think she was confused about the umbilical cord.
  3. Don't eat ice it will give your baby birth marks. I think this is a wives tale.
  4. A girl suggested the ring on a string to determine gender and even offered to bring the ring.
  5. Apparently a student knows someone who is 6 months pregnant and my bump is almost the same size. The student informed me that the other woman has a skinnier baby which is why her bump is smaller.
  6. This wasn't advice, but one girl asked me if I was eating tons and tons. I told her that I am eating more, but not tons and tons. She got real serious and told me that even if I thought I wasn't eating a ton I was because that's what you do when your pregnant. I guess she knows more about my food intake than I do.
  7. Pregnant women are really picky. When I asked what she meant she said that her pregnant aunt gets mad when her uncle doesn't do things just so..like cut her pineapple the right way. 
  8. Have a fat baby, they are cuter...
I am now a "we". I have kids saying bye to my baby and they love giving the baby little rubs and hugs. Some people hate having other people rub their belly, but when a little nine your old is rubbing your belly saying sweet little messages to your baby how can you not love it? Besides I think good vibes for the baby is always a good thing! My husband keeps saying how this is the most loved baby and she isn't even born yet!

I still have to tell a 2/3 split, 6th graders, and 1st graders. I will be sure to let you know how those go over, but the forth graders sure gave me a few good laughs!


  1. Don't you just love kids! :-) I'm sure it feels wonderful to have such a warm response when telling people you're pregnant! Thanks for posting what the kids said, cracked me up!

  2. Yes!! Kids are the best and they sure keep you laughing all day!

  3. That made my day!! Kids are so cute & so willing to share their "knowledge" I love that they wanted pictures & the little boy who wanted to give the baby his toys he didn't want to play with anymore.

  4. Little kids really are the sweetest!