Tuesday, June 25, 2013

And So It Grows

I became an aunt June 23rd, only 1 year and 11 days after I became a mother. I am so excited to share the journey of motherhood with my sister. She is already such a natural mom to her little boy. I am totally obsessed with him; he is absolute perfection!! Kaylee is completely smitten with him! Upon meeting him she was all smiles and kept reaching out to touch him. She was pretty much in love with him until he was placed in my arms. Then she was kinda pissed. I guess she doesn't like sharing her mommy! I cant wait to spend the rest of the summer (and the rest of my life) playing, snuggling, and loving on that little boy. There is nothing more magical than the snuggles you get from a newborn!

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Walk In My Garden



A strawberry runner that has another runner.

My zucchini is taking over my garden!

My bottomless bowl of zucchini thanks to the plant above.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

12 Months

My Little Love,
You are one whole year today! This journey we have been on, you and I, is made of pure magic. I am grateful every morning when I open my eyes to your bright little face that you and I are in this life together. You fill my days with joy, my heart with pride and my soul with love. You bring more joy, sunshine, and immeasurable love to my life and I can only hope that I do the same for you. You are my everything little one! You have changed so much over the course of a year it makes me dizzy to think about. This past month you started to run! Yes, run! You have also become quite independent and although you always comes back to check in with mama you have no problem exploring your world without me. 

Things You Like: Other kids. You make friends everywhere you go. We went to Fairytale town and out of nowhere a little girl came up and held your hand for a full minute before her mother called her away. At the park the other day somehow all the kids congregated around you in the sandbox to dig by your side. You love other babies and they love you back! You absolutely love birds. When you see or hear a bird you yell, "DO DO!" (short for pato- duck in Spanish) and point to the shy with your little "oh!" face. You also loves airplanes. When you hear one you point to the sky (again with the "oh!" face). 

You also love to play with your truck outside while making "brooom broom noises. I love that you play in the dirt, push trucks around, but also are a little princess who loves baby dolls and dresses! You are also a little artist who loves to play (and eat- eew) chalk and color. 

Things You Dislike: Clothes and especially diapers. You are my little nudist and since it has been so hot you stomp around the garden in your birthday suit. It is hard not to smile seeing you marching around naked!

What I Like About This Age: I love that you understand humor now. Sometimes you will pretend you are going to bite our toes and then pull away at the last minute laughing. You love to put things on your head because you know it is silly. You also totally get when we are trying to be silly too. It makes for such fun interactions.

New Words: You now cheer for yourself (and at times for others) by saying, "yay! It really is the cutest thing. You like to clap and say yay for just about everything you do. You can also say, "ball", "hot", and agua now comes out as "AHHHHHH" which we think is adorable. You still love saying, "No". You make your lips so teeny tiny in a little o shape when you say, "no, no, no, no" and it really is the cutest thing. You love to mimic noises which is too much fun.

You, my love, made all my dreams come true that Tuesday evening in June and for that I will forever be indebted to you! I can't wait to see what this life has in store for you, papi, and me!

Friday, June 7, 2013


The future with CF can be scary. As I have gotten older I worry more about my health and try my hardest to do everything I can to be as healthy as possible. These feelings of wanting, no, needing to stay healthy have become so much stronger since having Kaylee. I want so badly to see her grow up and I am willing to do anything I can in order to make that a reality. I have been trying to make changes to my life to ensure I stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

A few months ago I started juicing. I have a lot more energy since I started juicing which is very welcomed considering I have a busy body one year old to chase all day. The biggest improvement juicing has made has been to my digestive track. A while ago I complained about my Zenpep not working so well for me anymore, but it seems since I started juicing I have not had any digestive issues at all! Having a healthy digestive system makes life more enjoyable, but I haven't noticed a huge difference in my lungs. So I decided to tackle the lung issue next. (I am sure juicing is making a difference in my overall health including my lungs, but I wanted a more dramatic improvement)

I decided to start inhaling L-Glutathione. I ordered a bottle from theranaturals and decided to give it a try. I got the bottle yesterday, but kept chickening out when it came to actually nebbing it. I felt strange taking something that was not prescribed by my doctor, but I have done a lot of research and talked to other CFers who are on it  so I really do feel comfortable trying it. I decided today was the day. It had a mild sulfur smell and the flavor wasn't much better, but if it helps it will be completely worth it!

I will let you know if I notice any changes over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

**I am in no way recommending or advising others to use L-Glutathione. I am simply giving my personal experience**

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Exercising in Summer

It is not officially summer yet, but summer weather has arrived. Kaylee and I find ourselves sweaty after our  morning excursion in the vegetable garden so of course jogging has been put on hold for now. I find summer the hardest time of the year to fit in exercise. The weather makes strenuous outdoor exercise difficult and our days are so full it is hard to find the time for a good workout. Although our days are full of walking and biking I find these do very little for my lungs.

This year I found a solution! Literally right across the street there is a membership pool. Community pools are not ideal for exercising, but this pool is a little different. Every hour on the hour there is 20 minutes of adult swim. All kids have to get out of the pool and adults are allowed to do laps. For our little family this is perfect. We head over to the pool around 4:15. We all swim and play in the pool for about 45 minutes. Then my hubby and Kaylee get out and have a snack break in the shade while I do my laps for 20 minutes. When Family bonding time, exercise, daddy/daughter time, and sunshine all wrapped into one. Now I don't want summer to ever end!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Our Start

The start of June will always make me think of the start of our journey together...

It was the last few moments of a Tuesday evening that brought you into the world. The day was so stifling hot that even the cool evening breeze couldn't calm it. The room was dim and quiet, your father and I silently waiting your arrival. Each time I felt my body tightening, squeezing, pushing you from your safe place in my womb, I pushed with every ounce of my being to bring you into my arms.

I remember the first moment I saw your face, the quick release that allowed you to peek out into this world you had only heard murmurs of  from inside the womb. I remember that moment when you were between two worlds, that of the safety of my body and the giant one that lay before you. Your eyes were open, taking everything in, your mouth was open, already trying to call to me. It was mere seconds and yet in my mind that moment felt like hours. I turned to my husband, seeing him instantly transform from an ordinary man to a father. His eyes teared up and I saw the love he already felt for you.

With one more push the midwife had me reach my hands to you. I would be the first to hold you, meet you, love you. I pulled you to my chest and listened to the beautiful cries that sprang from your throat. You were instantly curious, looking to find my voice purring how beautiful you were and how much I loved you. You lifted your head to try to see my face. To meet this woman that had cared for you, talked to you, loved you, lived for you, for your entire existence.

The room was kept cool and yet there was the warmth of love surrounding the two of us. The warmth of our separate bodies, once joined, wrapped snugly around one another. The warmth of our breath, your very first breaths, on each other's skin. The warmth of my heart, which I once thought was full, spilling over with love for you: my heart, my soul, my life.

It was the quiet on that Tuesday evening that I was born too. My heart was changed, my mind was changed, my love was changed forever. My entire being had changed because at that moment, 11:13pm, I was reborn into a mother, into your mother. And for that I will forever be grateful.