Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big Changes Besides Baby

I am currently living in a one bedroom apartment in the city. We loved living here as a young married couple and took advantage of the amazing coffee shops, restaurants, music in the park, farmers markets, and night life. It has been an amazing place to live and we will miss the convenience of having so much at our fingertips, but we in need of more space and a quieter life with the baby coming. We want a yard and quiet green belts and parks to take Peanut on walks. So we are in the market for a new home to rent. Unfortunately, the place we would love to live (where I work) is so overpriced that I am not sure how anyone can afford it so we are stuck going to a surrounding town.

This past week we have been looking at places to live, researching the area (neighborhood watchdog- a great site to check out where sex offenders live- you would be surprised how many there are), and viewing properties. We found a place that we love and is within our budget. It has everything we would need, lots of space, a yard, is close to a school so no sex offenders, really low crime rates, parks close by, and a river nearby too. We turned in our application and I just got a call back from the potential landlord. She said everything checked out great and wanted to know if we were still interested and if when we wanted to move in. Yay!! I was so excited to end our search!

I told her we needed to give out apartment 30 days so we would like to move in towards the mid/end of February. I figured that way we would have an overlap with both places for a week or two so we could have enough time to move/clean. I am still a little perplexed as she responded that she really didn't want the place vacant that long because of course it means that she is not making money while she waits for us to move. She said she was going to keep showing the home and if nobody takes it by the first it is ours. Huh? 

I see her point and I understand preferring to make money immediately, but how many people are willing to move the very next week after finding a place? I guess if you have money to pay rent at an old place, a deposit and rent on the new place then it is doable, but what a waste of money. Or maybe someone that is losing their home may be willing to do that too, but then wouldn't their credit be bad and therefore they would fail the credit check? 

I guess we are back at square one which is so disappointing because we really thought we had everything worked out and we want to get settled before I get too big. I know we still have a shot at the place, but we need to keep looking in case someone else rents it. Oh well. Back to the drawing board...


  1. That is so annoying! I hope everything works out for you and either she doesn't rent the place out or you find an even better place. The only thing more stressful than finding a new home to rent is finding one to buy! We did that when I was pregnant with my first and then my poor husband spent the end of my pregnancy fixing it up while I was in the hospital! Super stressful.
    I just wanted to say it's such a great thing that you are keeping this blog. It will be a wonderful record for you to look back on but also your child when they get older. Not sure if you know about Blog2Print but you can turn you blog into a book! I did that with the first year of my blog and it turned out so great. It feels really neat to be published!
    I'm hoping to do the next installment soon. The best part is that is what my mom gives me for a birthday present now each year.
    Are you planning on keeping a blog once your baby is born as well?

    1. Oh, I can't imagine how stressful house buying would be right now. Before I got pregnant we were in the market to buy, but almost immediately after I got pregnant my husband got a promotion at work. We figured with his new job responsibilities and my 1st trimester fatigue we needed to put house hunting on hold. Then the holidays came and went too quickly and time was running out so we figured we would rent for the first year or two (since I am sure having a baby makes things a little hectic) and restart our home buying search when are a little less rushed.

      I LOVE the idea of getting your blog printed! I am so going to get mine printed after the baby is born. I do plan on blogging after she gets here as I find it therapeutic to get my thoughts out and kinda fun to have my memories in one place. Thank you for the idea, I love it!!

      BTW I love the all the craft/activities/learning opportunities you do with your little one. The teacher in me melts when I see parents like you. Your daughter is also too precious for words!