Sunday, April 1, 2012

Confessions Of Pregnant Cyster Part 3

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13. I love feeling my baby move and often laugh to myself when she decides to have little dance parties in my belly. Seriously, the coolest thing about pregnancy is her movements, BUT she is still turning in all directions and she sometimes settles into a breech position. I am not a fan of breech kicks. They aren't exactly painful, but they sure aren't comfortable!

14. My favorite part about being pregnant is having my husband feel and see our baby move. He is always so fascinated with her kicks and even more so of those crazy kicks you can see form the outside.

15. I am at a standstill with the nursery. I made a mobile and the wall art, but now I don't know what to do next. I am simply stuck!

16. Even though we have decided on a name we can't get ourselves to call her anything other than Peanut.

17. As more of my friends get closer to their due dates they are all stressed about labor and delivery. I am not concerned at all about labor and delivery simply because I am too stressed about how my CF will handle the end of pregnancy and after birth. I wish I could worry about the "normal" things in pregnancy.

18. Normally I love my job, but I am so over it now! I think getting sick last week made me hate being in a germ infested work place. I use hand sanitizer so much I had a student inform me that I can't build an immune system if I am never exposed to germs so maybe I shouldn't use hand sanitzer so much. Oh kid, if you only knew how nerve wrecking a CF pregnancy can be.

19 At the same time I cannot believe that in approximately 2 months I will not be working outside the home anymore. I am really excited to start my new job as a mom, but it seems so weird that I won't have to get in the car to go to work anymore.

20. The other day I was buying plants for the garden when the lady at the check out asked, "How far along are you?" It took me a second to realize what she was talking about. Even with this basketball sized belly I still sometimes forget I am preggo. How is that possible?

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