Thursday, April 26, 2012


My work threw me a baby shower today. Now, the shower itself was not a surprise, but it was beyond anything I expected. I have the most amazing staff, but there is something extra amazing about the special-ed staff. We often celebrate birthdays with some treats, a card, and chit chat. I didn't expect anything beyond an informal party that we so often have. My special ed staff went all out they had cake, food, and drinks galore. They also had flowers everywhere, table centerpieces, posters up and decorations. It totally transformed the room. The whole staff was invited and I couldn't believe the generosity of the staff. I got a gift card "from" the staff, but so many staff members gave me gifts they purchased themselves. People I don't even really come in contact with (kindergarten) gave me gifts!! I was still in shock when i got home and showed my husband the gifts.

In other news, May is rapidly approaching and I am terrified at what kind of month it will be! On average I have 4, yes you read that right 4, appointments a week!!! Although everything is going well and baby is doing well (40th % in growth which is great considering my baby will have small genes) my high risk OB still wants me to have a biweekly non stress test to make sure as the pregnancy progresses baby is still happy and healthy. I am all for it, but twice a week on top of my busy schedule seems overwhelming.

Not only do I have 4 appointments a week, but in the month of May I have 4 classes (breastfeeding, hospital tour, newborn care..) that I am taking through the hospital. I feel like I am starting a new (unpaid) part time job since 4-5 days a week I will have to be at a doctor appointment after work! I understand I have a midwife, high risk OB, CF doc, and NST that all need me to be present, but how the heck am I supposed to rest when everyday after work I have appointments to go to!? I have a feeling this schedule will make me leave work earlier than I planned. I haven't even started to think about how I will fit my afternoon treatments in...

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