Monday, April 2, 2012

What a Personality You Have Got!

This baby sure does have a personality! I just haven't figured out exactly how to read her personality. That sounds so confusing (cause it really is) so let me explain!

People would tell me to push on my belly when I feel baby kick and she will kick back. My baby used to do this, but she has taken a new approach. When I push on her, she moves. In fact, I once got her to make a whole semi-circle around my belly because she kept trying to avoid the spot I pushed. She would kick, I would push my belly, she would move and kick an inch lower. I would push, she would move...

If I press too firmly when feeling her kicks she also finds a new spot or moves. I have learned to very gently place my hand there so she can't sense my touch in order to feel her kicks with my hand. I have to tell others to give her a gentle touch as well if they want to feel anything.

All these little traits got me thinking, What a passive, shy little girl I have. She is minding her own business and trying to keep out of the way. 

When I shared this story with my sister she thought it sounded like I had a stubborn one on my hands.

I now am not sure if she will be a passive peace maker or if she will be a stubborn fiery one. Either way, I seriously can't wait to meet her.

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