Friday, April 6, 2012

Big Bumps and Good Friends

The other night I was exhausted!! I had a really busy day and was getting to bed much too late. Soon after I was about to doze off my dearest husband decided to go to bed which of course woke me up. I finally settled back down snuggled close to my husband, his arm around my now ginormous belly, and started to drift off to sleep. All of the sudden I was startled awake by him whispering, not so quietly, "Man". I was a little annoyed that whatever was bothering him woke me up. I figured he forgot something like setting his alarm or locking the door. Somewhat perturbed I asked him, "what's wrong?" I don't think he realized he had spoken out loud and tried to tell me it was nothing. Being concerned or maybe just nosy I asked him again. He knows how stubborn I knew I wouldn't sleep until he gave ma an answer. "Peanut just kicked me really really hard!" All my annoyance went out the window. I gave a little laugh. I hadn't even felt it because I was already asleep, but now that I was awake I could feel her wiggling around my belly. I kept saying, "Did you feel that?" and he would respond, "Yes!!" This continued for quiet some time until she settled down and I realized the alarm would be going off much too soon. How I love my little family!!!

In other news, a friend called me to say she was getting rid of some baby stuff and wanted to know if I was interested in any of it. Of course I was because we have so little for Peanut and baby stuff is so expensive! I went over after work and oh my gosh did she have a lot! She had a boy first and apologized for the lack of girly stuff, but Peanut and I are quiet content with greens and didn't mind one bit. She told me that most of it was handed down to her and used for both her kids and honestly some of it looks a little worn, but most of it is in fine condition. I ended up getting a bouncer, snap and go stroller attachment (you hook the infant carrier to it so that it is an instant stroller when baby is little and you don't want to pull them out of their carseat), a mobile, playmat, clothes, safety locks and covers to keep baby out of where she doesn't belong, a basic swing, and a high chair. Some of it is a little worn (like the high chair) and I may not use it all, but I am so grateful for her generosity! I feel like we are so much more prepared for little P to get here now!

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