Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It Is Show Time!!!!!!!!

So I have been quiet lately because I have been super busy, but there is another reason I have been extra quiet that I didn't tell anyone about. October 8th, 2011 I found out through two little pink lines that my biggest dream is coming true! I believe I am a little over 5 weeks pregnant and yet I am still in so much shock that only occasionally does it seem real. I am full of so many emotions ranging from sheer elation to fear to uncertainty, but mainly I feel disbelief! I have not blogged about it yet because I wanted to tell my family first before telling the blog world. For so long I have planned, exercised, dieted (the high fat kind), and prepared for this moment and it is finally here! No more rehearsals or preparations it is officially show time!

I know it is early and getting pregnant does not guarantee that you will have a baby, but I am so hopeful that this little one will make it through all 9 months and be in my arms this June. I was afraid to post in fear of jinxing my pregnancy or in case things did not work out and I would have to talk about loss, but this blog is about my pregnancy journey and so that means the good with the bad and everything between.

I know this subject is painful for some people. I know first hand how hard it is to be happy for others when they have something you want so very badly. I know the next 9 months will be full of posts about baby/pregnancy/CF so I understand if it is too hard to read. I want to write about every doctors appointment, fear, and victory during the journey and hope it will be of good use to someone out there. This will be my version of "What to Expect When Your Expecting -CF Style." Feel free to ask my questions either that you want me to answer or that you want me to ask my doctors.

I have backlogged half a dozen blog posts from the moment I found out until today so I will be posting them very shortly. I put the correct date at the top of the entry so that they will make some sort of sense and stay in order. Please send prayers, good vibes, or positive energy this way because my baby and I will need it!

My Facebook cysters, please do not say anythign as I have only told my immediate family and few close friends. I am keeping this baby a secret until 14 weeks. Thanks :)


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TWO! The first month with mucinex and it worked! Now, I have to try it! I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm already curious about what your first symptoms were and what made you check. AH! I'm just SO excited for you! I will be saying a lot of prayers for you and a healthy baby! This is such a great day!!

  2. I had to post one more time! I'm just so very happy for you two. I know how long you've been waiting for this :)! Did you notice an increased/stable rise in your BBTs (just out of curiousity)?

  3. Megan! Thank you! I am still in shock and beyond excited, but also a little nervous. First CF appointment is Monday and my first OB appointment with the regular OB is not until Nov 14th. I have yet to hear from the high risk, but my clinic just talked to her today.

    As far as symptoms and such I wrote a blog about it and will put it up in a few minutes. I did see a temp rise that stayed up until I tested. It went up significantly. I will look up my charts and give you exact numbers once I am done vesting. I also felt really warm (not sure if it is related to bbt) a few days before testing positive.

    Thanks for your prayers, they are much appreciated :) I hope you get your bfp soon so we can compare stories.

  4. Okay, I was not great at charting because I often woke up to pee before temping or I got out of bed before finding my thermometer so the numbers aren't perfect.

    Pre ovulation I was around 97.5 give or take a few tenths. After ovulation I was around 98.3 or 98.4. Again I was not the best patient and my numbers bounced a lot due being inconsistent with temps, but there was clearly a large temp shift. It took a few days after I thought I ovulated to see the shift go up. I wish I was a better charter so my data could be more helpful.

  5. OMG I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! Can't wait to read your 'What to Expect When You're Expecting - CF Style' blogs!! Congratulations!!!!

  6. Thanks! I am still in disbelief, but also so excited!