Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Charting, ttc, and that sort of fun stuff.

I started charting this month and now that I got the hang of it it really isn't so bad. The month started off rough in that I would forget to take a temp until AFTER I showered or I would forget to place the thermometer by my bed and would have to run around looking for it before I took my temp. Basically, I was the worst charter ever! I decided that even if the temp couldn't count (such as after a shower) I would still take my temp to get in the habit. I finally go tthe hang of it after a few CRAZY days. Despite my craziness I did learn a few things about my cycles! First, I used to count the length of my cycle after my period ended. Yeah, this is wrong. You are supposed to start counting on the first day of your period. Hmm well, live and learn and learn that your cycles are very long! Second, besides having long cycles I do ovulate as I saw a clear temp shift that has remained high since. Lastly, all the signs I thought my body was giving me when I thought I was ovulating were true! Woohoo. My body is a pretty "loud" ovulator. I get everything from ewcm to ovulation cramps, but never knew if I was actually ovulating or it my body was pretending to ovulate. So now that I know I am ovulating (or at least ovulated this month) I can rule that out as a "challenge" towards ttc.

There is another challenge that CF women ttc can face and so I also wanted to discuss the use of Mucinex. This is tmi for any non CFer ttc so you can skip this section if you so choose. I started taking Mucinex twice a day from the beginning of my cycle. CFers are supposed to have thicker mucus everywhere and I mean everywhere (if you get my drift) and Mucinex is supposed to thin this mucus out which makes ttc easier. My doc gave me the approval to use it, but told me not to expect much as it may be pointless. Well, I beg to differ. I know the placebo effect could very likely be the reason for the change, but I really saw a significant difference in my ewcm! It was text book and much more..uhh lets say abundant than in the past! I really believe that it made a significant difference for me and so I will continue to use it every month!! Anyone else notice a difference after using Mucinex?


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I'm so glad that the charting is working out for you! I'm also so glad that you are ovulating!! I still have yet to notice a temp. shift, but maybe this month I will?

    I have not been given the go-ahead by my doc. for Mucinex. She doesn't think it's effective...I don't know. I really want to at least try it.

  2. My doc doesn't really give me the go ahead with any non-scientifically proven anything. Rather he said something like, "Some people think it works, others don't. I agree with the latter, BUT I don't think it will do damage so I won't stop you if you buy it and take it." He will let me try new things if I insist, but he always gives me his opinion first. I decided to take his response and pretend he said, "Yes! Do it!" I am such a good patient :)

  3. I have to say, going back and reading this post...You were quite right! :)