Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cysters Make The Best Pregnant Women

October 10, 2011

So as I am reading about and experiencing pregnancy symptoms (I am still early and therefore, the symptoms are still mild) I am coming to realize that cysters make the best preggos! Think about the most common symptoms and then think how bad they actually are...

1. Nausea: Ever had a bad infection? No appetite and wanting to barf usually accompanies these not so happy days. Or ever heard of Cipro, levequin, or Bactim? Basically a tune up is a nice two week stint of nausea and lack of appetite.  Oh and don't get me started on IVs... I have yet to experience pregnancy related nausea

2. Fatigue: Lung infection. Nuff said. I have experienced this, but it is way less drastic than fatigue that comes with a lung infection.

3. Constipation (cute I know): Most CFers that are pancreatic insufficient have had issues with their enzymes at least every once in a while. Maybe it doesn't lead to constipation, but we are no strangers to gastrointestinal issues. Heck, I went YEARS without enzymes before I was diagnosed. An uncomfy tummy is no stranger to me. Had this around week 4, but now back to normal.

4. Gas (even cuter!): Extra air whether it is burping or well.... usually comes along with some CF issues such as gastrointestinal issues or GERD so many of us are all too familiar with a little extra air. Burping up a storm on and off.

5. Having to pee a lot: Being on antibiotics makes me pee all the time because I drink so much more water. It even makes me pee at night. Last night I got up to pee 3 times the night before 0. On average I get up at least once, but it's for a much more fun reason than antibiotics.

There are a ton of other symptoms that come later and I will let you know if CF has equipped me well for those. For now I am enjoying every second of this pregnancy!

I have been reading pregnancy message boards for other June mom-to-bes and it is funny what people complain about! So many worry about gaining weight and their figures never being the same. Maybe having CF makes you realize that there are so many MORE important things than having a nice figure. I don't care if I look "fat" because my baby bloat just looks like a little extra lard at the moment. I don't care if my figure is destroyed by this little one and I will forever have to wear spanx and a push up bra. I don't care if I get stretch marks! I am having a BABY!!! Something I never thought possible and who cares what my body looks like because what a miracle that it could support another human life. Besides even with this major bloat gut I feel more beautiful now than I ever have in my life! For once my CF gut is serving a purpose and is bloated for a reason OTHER than CF. 


  1. I absolutely love your attitude in the last little paragraph! It makes me proud to have CF, too! (sorry to comment on every post you're posting, but I'm so excited for you!)

  2. I LOVE LOVE this post! This is awesome! I agree - CF makes us focus on the important parts of pregnancy! I am so curious to see how labor compares for us as well. I feel like we deal with so much intestinal/abdominal pain, that it won't be AS bad as most women make it out to be.

  3. As much as I HATE CF I think it does give us a better perspective on what is important in life.

    Colleen- I love getting comments so no apology necessary :)

    Megan- I think cysters have a much higher pain tolerance than most people because we have to, but I am still NOT looking forward to labor. Hopefully come June I can let you know what I think.

  4. You are used to having a big belly anyway due to the joys of CF haha! I must admit, when I went out for a meal with my pregnant cousin last week and she was moaning about being tired, I thought to myself, least its for a good reason!

  5. I think us CFers are so good at being sick that pregnancy so far has been easy and in the end I get something better than PICC line scars so I will take whatever discomfort/fatigue comes my way :)