Thursday, October 20, 2011

Holy Cramps

October 11, 2011

Here is a scary fun little piece of info for all those ttc...

Soon after I got my big beautiful positive while I was still switching between sheer elation and utter disbelief I started to get cramps! Just like PMS yucky cramps! This of course knocked me off cloud 9 and shot me into a state of panic. I quickly scoured the web for false positives, sure that I had somehow tested positive while my belly was actually barren. I soon found that false positives are almost non-existent. They are often a result of a chemical pregnancy and so the woman WAS pregnant, but may have lost the baby due to the cruelty of nature. I ruled that out because something was telling me that this just wasn't the case and I went on to search cramping and pregnancy.

Seems our lovely oh so little uterus knows a big old baby won't fit in it as is so it stretches and expands to make room for baby and blood makes its way over to our hard working uterus to give it an extra boost. This can feel like PMS cramps and can continue for quite some time. These are also PERFECTLY normal as long as there is no bleeding or the pain isn't really really strong. So a very relieved me continued my feelings of elation and shock for the rest of the day. These cramps have yet to stop, but are VERY mild and are more of a strange sensation rather than pain or discomfort. So if you get your BFP and feel some mild cramps don't panic it may be your body making was for baby.


  1. Good to know! Thank you for posting and for taking the time to figure that out. Google is my best friend some days, that's for sure. I'm really glad that it's just mild now :)

  2. It is amazing how many thing weird things n pregnancy are normal! And yes, Google is my best friend and sometimes my worst enemy! And as a little update now I am 6 weeks the cramps are completely gone, but now I have gas pains from all the bloat. I much prefer gas pains over cramps though!!