Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hormones make Me Crazy!!!

So I have always been kinda a hypochondriac. Not the real kind that everyone in the ER knows your name because you are always in there dying of god knows what. Rather I am the type that every time I get a headache I secretly wonder if I have meningitis and then go on to mentally prepare myself for what life will be like if they have to amputate all my limbs. I wish I could say I was lying, but it is true. On the positive side I have yet to contract meningitis and happily have all my limbs...for now.

Yeah so who would have known that pregnancy would make me 100 times more of a crazy person? Figures. Let me explain. Thursday night at 1:00 in the morning I got up to pee. Now that alone should have kept my fears at bay because every since being pregnant I almost always pee sometime during the night. Well, this night as I emerged from bed I realized that my baby feeders weren't really all that heavy...Wait they weren't too sore either!! Holy shit! So I quickly woke up my husband in a panic telling him I think I wasn't pregnant anymore!!! "Are you bleeding?" He asked half groggy half panicked. "No." "Are you crampy?" "No." "Well then why do you think you aren't pregnant anymore?" He seemed to be less nervous. "I think I lost my boobs, look!!!" I practically wailed! "They look the same to me" he said now trying really hard not to fall back asleep. "NO! They are smaller and they don't hurt and they aren't heavy so what if they shrink and are gone by tomorrow? Besides I haven't thrown up, aren't pregnant women supposed to barf all the time? I feel to good to be pregnant!"

Now my husband knew I was crazy when I married him and so he has learned to put up with my craziness. He reassured me that I was just getting used to the size/firmness of my boobs and they weren't any different. He then reassured me that the baby was hanging on tightly and wasn't going anywhere. It kinda worked, but I still was freaked out and didn't fall asleep for quite some time.

When I woke up my chest wasn't really all that sore which of course didn't help the situation, but luckily work got in the way so I forgot about my dilemma for 9 hours. I am still a little concerned and am hoping everything is alright. I have to wait until my first appointment which is now Nov 9th. Only 11 days till I get to see and hear my little blueberry (the size of my baby) and make sure he/she is healthy and growing right on schedule.


  1. I'm glad you're working right now so that you're mind can relax a bit. How long do you plan to continue working (I'm sorry if you already answered this question, but I don't remember reading about it)? I can't WAIT to hear about your first appointment!!!!! Is your dear hubby going with?

  2. My OB said I can work as long as I feel up to it. My CF doc said to expect to cut back around 6 months, but we will see. I am better at eating enough and getting all my treatments in when I work because it is so scheduled. I also walk a TON at work due to a huge campus and having to go back and fourth a billion times which is good exercise. I think I am just playing it by ear for now. I am also hoping to be a stay at home mom for at least one year. Depending on how well we can survive financially I would love to be a SAHM till the baby goes to school.

    So my husband's work schedule just changed so he can't make it to a Nov 9th appointment, but he doesn't want to miss it so I am going to try to reschedule (again) on Monday.