Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Symptoms

October 10, 2011

I think I read EVERY article in the world about early pregnancy symptoms. I have discouraging news to report. If I wasn't trying for a baby and waiting for my period, if I didn't have a + pregnancy test, AND if I wasn't ubber in tune with my body there is no way that even at this point I would know I was pregnant. My early pregnancy symptoms were much more mild than any PMS symptom have been. With that being said if I were to decide to have a second (due to CF I probably won't) I would still research ever symptoms ever known to exist so I will tell you the ones I experienced.

1. The very first thing I noticed that seemed off was that I could not stop burping -super sexy! It was SO excessive!!! I would eat/drink water or an ensure or ANYTHING and I would feel like I chugged 4 cans of soda in 3 seconds flat! I spent most of my day trying to release this air as silently as possible. The burps could not be ignored or swallowed because I had a herculean amount of air sitting in my throat waiting to escape! I could NOT simply keep it in. I managed to do very well at silently releasing them when at work, but often at home I was less careful to the mild disgust of my husband. This lasted from about conception until a day or two after I tested positive.

~I did not think of this as a preggo sign because as I did research on excessive burping I found it is a symptom of GERD. I thought it was just a new fun friend of CF making its way into my life. Happy to say that although GERD and excessive gas is a pregnancy symptom (for any preggo woman) the burping has stopped and I have yet to experience heartburn.

2. VERY VERY mildy sore boobies: It felt 10x less severe than my normal PMS sore boobies. The only weird thing about my soreness is that it seemed to be higher as in my (nonexistent) cleavage area. They continue to feel sore and a little more each day, but mainly they feel heavy. Although they don't look much different to me they feel about 15lbs each when I don't have a bra on, but it took several days to build up to that extreme.

3. I felt really really warm before testing. I have no idea if this is a early pregnancy sign, but with increased bbt it makes sense to me.

These were my only symptoms pre + preggo test! Seriously that was it!!! No tiredness, no morning sickness, no real indication of what was going on inside my body at all. Now I only waited till I was 1 day late to test so maybe if I waited a few weeks I would have more, but who waits that long when ttc???


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! Seriously, the 2ww is bad enough, one day late is torture for testing lol! Ah! So exciting!!! :)

  2. I know!!!!!!! I feel like everyday is 100 during the 2ww, but I am learning that it is preparing you for the 40 week wait that comes after the 2ww which is currently moving JUST as slow!