Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Pregnant CF Appointment

So I went to the CF doc yesterday and felt 600lbs lifted off my shoulders.

I need to explain a misconception about pregnancy. You always hear and read that prenatal care is VITAL and you need to call your OB once you become pregnant to ensure that you are taking proper care of yourself and your baby yada, yada, yada. While this is important I learned that this isn't AS important early on. Let me explain. I found out I was pregnant and like anyone that works at a school was trying to call to get my first prenatal appointment during my breaks by sneaking into my car so nobody would overhear. Without fail I would be put on hold, my break would end, and I would hang up without an appointment. By Friday of that first week I was freaking out. I thought I was being a horrible mother by letting the 5th week slip by without so much as an appointment. From what I read through other CF pregnancy blogs, forums, etc people are getting their blood levels (betas?) checked early on to make sure they are increasing at a proper rate, and going into appointments and are being watched very carefully. Well, get this...if you aren't going though an infertility clinic nobody wants to take your blood to make sure your beta levels are okay and nobody really wants to see you till you are 8-11 weeks along. Uhhhh really? That is almost all the way though your 1st trimester. Crazy, but true.

Anyway getting off my tangent, I was relieved to just get a stupid appointment for ANYTHING just to make sure that something in my life was going okay so I was happy when I got into the CF clinic at 6 weeks. Well here is the run down of the day:

  • My weight remained the same which at this point is fine. 
  • My blood glucose seems fine, a little high on the normal side so gestational diabetes may come into play later, but for now they are pleased with my numbers.
  • My lung function went up 1% -YAY!!! 58% is my new high :)
  • I got a lot of congrats from everyone on the team.
  • I got my flu shot (100% safe during pregnancy) so I should stay flu free this season- yay!
  • Looked over my meds (even though I did this a while ago with my OB) and he suggested I get of Zithromax for the first trimester because it probably won't have a major impact in such a short amount of time. Funny thing is I stopped once I got the BFP anyway for that very reason. He also said to use the allergy pills and nasal spray as needed. Other than that all my other meds got the green light.
So my doc was so happy with my numbers! He even told me he is sure I will see 60% some time in my pregnancy!! That would be awesome! As he was leaving I asked him when I should come back next and he paused for a second and said he was so pleased with my numbers and how well I have been doing that I really don't need to come back for 2-3 months unless I start feeling differently. I am so relieved that everything on the CF front is going well and feel so much better knowing my doc is not really too worried about me. 


  1. That's wonderful news, congratulations on your PFTs, too! :) It's great to hear that you have such a supportive CF team; (I do, too) it'll be so helpful throughout this pregnancy.
    I just want to say thank you so much for posting all of this information because it's really helpful to me. Glad to hear you're doing well.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited to hear that your PFTs are up! I'm glad your appointment went well and that's so awesome that your team doesn't want to see you back for 2-3 months!! That's great!! I can't wait to continue to hear updates :)

    I also thought you had to call right away. That's crazy...I would think they would want to see you. Glad to know this in advance or I would have been having minor heart attacks.

  3. Such a relief that my numbers were up. I want to stay as healthy as possible this pregnancy, but worry a little because schools are such germy places!!! Hand sanitizer is my new best friend :)