Thursday, September 1, 2011

How Does 3rd Grade Sound?

So I went on an interview today for a 3rd grade position at an awesome school in a dream district! I was pretty excited especially since I have applied to about 90 teaching jobs this year and have had ZERO interviews.

So at 8:15 I get a beep beep from my voice mail. YES, VOICE MAIL!!!! What happened to my ringer????!!!  It was the principal calling to say I had a SECOND interview!!!!!!! AHHHHHH! No way!! So I had to call back (damn phone) and I have another interview and a writing prompt (which is scary because as you can tell I overuse commas ..can I even admit that since I am a teacher???) and then another interview with the principal. It is down to 2 people. I am so excited and nervous and well basically will never get to sleep tonight.
The other  scary thing is that they asked some really hard questions. I studied the district website like my life depended on it and I am so glad I did!! The asked me some of the smallest little details that I would have never known if I hadn't memorized the whole entire website! Makes me nervous to see what they ask tomorrow!!! So send me good vibes tomorrow morning if you feel so inclined because I will need all the good vibes I can get!

I feel that even if I don't get the job at least I may have another opportunity next year if something comes along because it seems the principal likes me enough to narrow me down to the final two. The school year started 2 weeks ago so I doubt there will be any more opportunities this year. I will update you tomorrow!!!


  1. Good vibes, prayers, and crossed fingers sent your way!!! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear how it goes. I know how hard teaching jobs are to find right now - it's utterly horrendous!!

  2. It is really frustrating that there are so many well qualified passionate teachers out there and so few jobs!

  3. Good luck!!! I completely understand how you feel and I'm so excited for you. What a crazy thing to be looking for a teacher 2 weeks into the school year, but whatever works, right?! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  4. Thanks! I didn't get the job, but at least I got an interview. Even landing the interview seems hard these days!