Monday, September 12, 2011

That's Nuts!

 I left the house this morning after getting ready for work which included eating breakfast only to realize that I was still hungry!! Bummer. I very quickly realized I would never make it until 10:15 without a snack, but I was already headed towards the freeway so there was no turning back.I started frantically digging around my school bag looking for something to stave off the hunger. Sure enough my hand fell upon my emergency snack Tupperware. Like any good cyster I keep emergency food pretty much everywhere: my teacher bag, every purse, the classroom, etc. You never know when hunger might strike. This also means I keep emergency enzymes everywhere too. I actually found three full bottles of enzymes in my teaching bag this morning. Can you say overkill! I am proud to say I am down to one full bottle in my bag although I have one stashed away at school too. Anyway, back to my story. So I found my Tupperware container of salted almonds.I must explain that I have enough almonds in the container so that I only have to refill it one every or every other week so it is quite sizable. Now keep in mind this is just something I keep in case random hunger strikes, my lunch didn't satisfy, or I have insatiable hunger such as today so I still had my morning snack packed away in my lunch. So I popped the top took my enzymes and snacked away. I was worried about my morning commute and dodging all the crazy morning rush hour drivers when I suddenly realized that all yes, ALL of my almond were gone! I ate a weeks worth of almond snacks in about 10 minutes.

I would make a horrible fat person, but I make a fantastic cyster! The morning commute was so distracting that I was happily unaware of my extreme binge eating. I have decided that I may have to bring a healthy fatty morning snack in the car every morning.

Speaking of eating obscene amounts of food, after discussing CF bellies in an earlier post I have decided that in the next few days I will dig through all my pics and find a good shot of my CF belly to post for the world to see. I usually suck in for pics or burn the pics that aren't flattering, but I am sure I can find a few. Stay tuned...


  1. Haha, great story. I know I have several 'CF belly' pictures...even some from my wedding day when we were getting ready...yikes! Today a student even asked me if I was pregnant....

  2. I wandered over here from Mrs. Murray's blog (I am also TTC with CF), and laughed out loud at this post! I have SO done that. I have one memorable moment from last fall where I made a pan of fruit leather, came home STARVING and started snacking on it, reached the point where I went "Okay, if I just EAT THE WHOLE PAN then my husband will never know, right?" .........and proceeded to do just that! And boy, I hear you on the CF belly thing too.... sigh.

  3. I get this way with chips...and it's not just when I'm starving. I have noticed that I will place a bag of chips on the table along with my sandwhich. As I'm eating, I'll watch a TV show and then before I know it, half the chips are gone. Oops? I agree with you - "I would make a horrible fat person, but I make a fantastic cyster!" I love that line!

    Ahh the CF belly....

  4. Colleen- I so have wedding getting ready pics with my CF belly. I even chose a dress that would disguise my CF mermaid cut for me :)

    Cindy- Thank you so much for stopping by. I wish you didn't have to be part of the CF ttc club, but since you are we can go on the crazy ride together. I checked out your blog and LOVE the pics! You're an amazing photographer. BTW the fruit leather story made me laugh out loud.

    Mrs. Murray- I never ate chips until I met my husband. He won;t eat any dessert or anything sweet, but he loves his chips. I now can devour half the bag in one sitting too.

  5. LOL, thanks! I sort of laugh and cringe at the same time remembering the fruit leather episode.... and thanks!