Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time To Move??

So as promised I am updating you all on my dramatic weekend. My sister came over to my house because I was anxiously awaiting the call from the principal about my potential job. I needed a distraction and so she came over to keep my mind occupied on other things. Little did I know that what the evening had in store would keep my mind 100% off my interview.

I want to first explain a little bit about my city. I live in a good sized city. No, not Los Angeles or NYC big, but a decent sized city nonetheless. There are so many aspects about the city I just love. Everything you could want is within a close proximity and can be reached by walking or biking. There are several farmers markets, amazing coffee shops, every time of cuisine you could imagine, yoga studies, used book stores, and great places for dancing and getting a drink. Also, unlike some cities (uhm L.A.) you are more likely to see a head of dreads than Prada when walking the streets which I like. I like that it is a laid back city that seems overly concerned with a natural lifestyle and seems to look down upon materialism. Of course there are the "rich" parts of town, but we are nestled in a part of town that just seems very down to Earth.

Of course there are bad parts to a city as well. The more people you have living in close proximity the more likely you will be living in close proximity to someone that may not be the best person. Its a numbers game and I guess we had one of those not so nice individuals as our neighbor. So back to the story.

My sister and I were deep in conversation and had decided against going out because we were quiet content laying around in my living room being lazy on a Friday evening. I was mid-story when I heard an unusual sound. "Did you hear that? What was that?" I asked my sister who had stopped and seemed to be trying to decipher what the strange sound was as well. We both shrugged and carried on in conversation. Before three words were uttered another abrasive bang filled out living room.  "Was that a gunshot?" My sister asked. I was doubtful. A lot of things can cause a loud bang and living in an apartment that is closely set next to houses due to the lack of yard you often hear your neighbors every move. To be sure I opened the front door. The bang came from the back of the house, but if there was a crisis there would have to have been some commotion. I opened the door. Silence. I looked down the courtyard between our apartments and down to the street. Silence. I looked to the alley behind the apartments. Silence. I closed the door and locked it proclaiming that all was quiet. Little did I know that the silence ended there.

About 15 minutes later I heard the commotion I expected when I opened the door. Being nosy I walked to the bedroom where I noticed a strong smokey scent had filled the room. I then glanced out the window. An ambulance! I shouted to my sister who came running. Upon further investigation (from the bathroom window) we saw what was safe to say was a crime scene. Complete with a victim on the stretcher, crime scene tape, and a CSI unit accompanied by dozens of police. We watched for a while from the window till we ventured outside to get a closer look. Long story short there was an argument that turned into a fight that turned into one man being shot three times. The police admitted there is no description of the suspect so a gunman is still on the loose. Sigh. This world we live in can be such a scary place. The saddest part was a neighbor across the street proclaimed to a group of us that were outside trying to figure out exactly what happened, "I wish we could have had a block party to get to know each other rather than a shooting." How true is that!!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I am so glad you guys are ok!! How scary! It's sad that it can happen anywhere, in any neighborhood. I hope they catch this guy...I imagine the neighborhood is feeling a little anxious at this point. Ugh, terrifying!

  2. Gosh I can't imagine living somewhere where people can have guns, I only ever see and hear them on the TV lol. Glad you're OK, hope they catch him! x

  3. Mrs. Murray- It is scary! Our neighborhood is very quiet and I never really expected something like this to happen here. I hope they find him too!

    Gemma- I wish I lived in a place without guns, but I live in the "land of the free" where people are free to own guns that they use to shoot their neighbors! Sigh...