Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why is it...

So my gross tolerance is through the roof when it comes to my mucus. I cough into a clear cup when doing my treatments so I can keep tabs on the viscosity, color, texture, and amount of mucus I cough up. I take pics of my big plugs which I know is beyond weird, but they are so darn fascinating. When my husband started looking at old vacation pics I warned him about my plug pics and he proceeded anyway. He just kept staring at the plug pic without even blinking. I wasn't sure what to make of his reaction until he said, "I CANNOT believe that came out of your lungs." My thoughts exactly and the reason for the photograph! Also when I have a cold (like now) I use my sinus rinse three times a day, but get this I plug the drain. Yes, you heard me right I plug the drain so I can see what comes out of my sinuses. Again I look at amount, color, texture, etc. This helps me determine how bad my cold has gotten and if I need to call the doc. Don't worry no sinus mucus pics have ever been taken.

So here is what baffels me. Today in class a kid sneezed before he had time to get a tissue. He had a long string of mucus hanging from his nose while he ran to the back to grab a tissue and cleaned it up and




OMG talk about gross. Why is it that other people's bodily fluids (mucus)  so much more disgusting than our own?!?


  1. omg i'm the same! I can't stand to see my husband do anything disgusting, pick his nose, pick his feet, cough up mucus etc but I can quite happily examine my mucus. I suppose it's because we have to! My husband doesn't mind looking at my mucus either. True love I think...!

  2. I think you are right! If we were grossed out by our mucus we wouldn't be able to get through the day!

  3. I think spitting is the most disgusting thing, even though I do it A LOT during the day (and I can live with mine. I examine my mucus all the time, too. But when someone else spits, like my husband, I get so disgusted. I cannot stand other people's mucus, just mine!