Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cough. Cough.

So my mild cold like symptoms turned into my very first full on cold of the school year. I made it just about a month into school before getting sick, but I did not get sick from school. Rather, I got sick from my dear old husband! Here is the typical scenario of how colds get passed in my family.

My husband gets home from work and I start asking him about his day. He answers and I notice he sniffled twice during his answer. "Are you getting sick?" He thinks for a second assessing how he feels "Uhh yeah, maybe, I guess so..." 

The next day his voice sounds a little strange and he has to blow his nose a few times. "How are you feeling?" I asked him. "Uhh, I think I am sick." Later that night he goes on a guys night out to the bars. I warn him that if he goes out while sick it will get worse or he could relapse. He goes out anyway and doesn't get home till around 1:00. The next day he is 100% better and feels great.

I pick up his cold somewhere along the line and mine goes something like this.
First sign of cold: 3-4 vest treatments a day, restart Cayston, drink emergen-C 4x/day, take all my "getting sick supplements", gargle salt water 3x/day, sinus rinses 3x/day, go to bed extremely early. And I. still. get. sick.

Last night I was talking to the husband and then all of the sudden I gave three hard coughs and *poof* my voice was gone. I then continued to cough for the next 12 hours nonstop! I called in sick and scared the crap out of my supervisor because I sounded like a monster with my voice going in and out and being super scratchy. I then fell back asleep after treatments (around 7am) til 2:00pm. I am feeling better after that 7 hour nap and thank goodness I still have an appetite.

On the plus side hubbers has been amazing. When I woke up he told me how depressing the house feels when I am sick. He then pulled out lunch for both of us and even went out to get my favorite drink- agua frescas de sandia. He then told me to go outside and look at my car. I stumbled outside to find that he had cleaned the interior and exterior of my car!! I wanted to get my car cleaned (inside) when school started, but never got around to it. I have no voice and so I have to rely on my miming skills which are actually pretty good if I do say so myself. Hubbers purposely misconstrued everything I said for his own entertainment purposes which made me silently laugh all day! We spend the remaining of the day (before he had to go to work) snuggled up and relaxing.

The worst part test strip on the OPK is getting very very close to the control color. Like I have to squint to tell the difference. Really body?? You want to ovulate while I was sick, but could care less about dropping an egg when I was good and healthy. Sigh. I keep hoping my ovulation gets delayed, but we will see.

**P.S. I found the belly pics to post, I just need to crop them so they will be up soon**


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I was sitting here going "ME TOO!" after almost every paragraph here! This is exactly how I got my cold. My hubby got his while we were in Lake Geneva. 2 days later he is fine and I start feeling crummy. He goes "don't worry it will only last 2 days," to which I gave him a very dirty look. I'm going on 7 days of a chest cold now..not fun!! I'm so glad your husband surprised you with a clean car, how wonderful!

    I hope you start feeling better soon. Go figure with the OPKs, I'll cross my fingers that it holds out a bit longer.

    Take care of yourself and FEEL BETTER!

  2. Oh dear does that mean you will have to have sex whilst poorly...! You never know it might perk you up! ;o)
    Hope you feel better soon, winter is coming and so are all the colds. Think I might just become a hermit! x

  3. Sometimes I wish I could quarantine my husband when he is sick, but then I would miss him too much. Sigh. And yes the OPKs are driving me crazy! Thursday positive, Friday super negative, and today they are really dark again...huh?