Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Shower

So here is a quick picture walk of my baby shower. My sister and mom did and amazing job and it really was perfect! They are so creative and had so many details in place. I was sad to see the guests go as I had a blast and didn't want the day to end

The entryway! This is the onsie I put in a gift bag to tell my parents I was pregnant.

One of the rooms for guests to eat in. I love the color scheme pink, green,and yellow <3

The line of onsies going up the stairs.
 The party favors my sister made!

More party favors...

The headband and hair bow making station. The guests seemed to love this and I love that I can accessorize my little Peanut once she gets here!

An example of a completed headband.

The shower was a blast and i was so happy so many friends came out to celebrate my sweet little baby. She has a wardrobe 10 times bigger than mine now! I may have just a little bit of fun dressing her up :)


  1. Love the pictures! :) I'm so glad your baby shower went so perfectly!

  2. Thanks! Since my sister was there and doing amazing it was beyond perfect!