Monday, May 21, 2012

Chubby Fingers...Pretty Hot!

About 3 weeks to go, give or take, and I am finally feeling...well...pregnant! Heart burn is my new bff even though the feelings aren't mutual and I can't get it to realize that I want it to leave me alone especially at night. My least favorite new symptom is that my fingers and toes have gotten a little chunky! Chubby fingers really aren't that serious of an issue in most people's book, but my wedding rings don't fit anymore. :( I love my wedding rings and feel quiet naked without them. I told my husband to worry now that I am frolicking around without my wedding band, but for some strange reason he isn't too concerned that a tall, dark, and handsome young man will whisk me away from him...or any man for that matter. Hmph!

It is crazy how quickly things are going now. I am almost done with my classes..only 1 left! I also had my *maybe* last high risk appointment. He scheduled me for June 13th which is the day before my due date. He then told me I am more than welcome to have the baby anytime before my due date and if I don't see him again to send a pic. Even if I do go late I will probably only see him one more time.

I am so excited to see her, but I have a lot to do so I am hoping she will stay in and cook a little longer!

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