Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fluid Levels and Goodbyes

So Thursday I went for another NST (every Monday/Thursday I get them) and here is how it went.

  • Baby decided she hated the monitor and kicked the crap out of it for the full 20 minutes. I couldn't help, but laugh at the crazy morphing my stomach was doing from her crazy kicks. Geez, I love this kid!!!
  • They checked my fluid levels and...they are back up!!! My fluid levels were 10.7cm (they measure fluid pockets which is why fluid is measured in centimeters rather than fluid ounces) up from 8.8cm. Normal is anywhere between 10-12 during my stage of pregnancy. Biggest relief ever!!! All that drinking/peeing is paying off!
In other news I am DONE with work. I have a lot of mixed emotions about this. I miss my kiddos already and it was hard to say goodbye before the end of the school year, but it is for the best for baby and she is my main priority. My job requires playground supervision (our district is too cheap/broke to hire playground staff so we get to stand in direct sun (it is a new campus and our trees are as thin as toothpicks) several times a day to monitor playground activity. I was standing in direct sun in 90 degree weather multiple times a day and found it exhausting. I am also all over campus so I walk at least a mile and 1/2 a day going back and forth between rooms which I think kept me healthy, but at the same time was getting to be a lot. I still want to walk everyday, but at my own pace on my own time. And peeing when you work with kids and legally can't leave them is virtually impossible. Considering I needed to be drinking 64 fl oz during the work day in order to raise my fluid levels I decided it was time to stop. So here I am a housewife and still getting used to the idea that I won't be at work on Monday.

For now I am focusing on my health, sleep, and the tons of projects I want to finish before baby gets here! I am hoping to make a playmat, dust ruffle for the crib, a baby carrier (knock off of the moby) and a new cover for a (used) bouncer my friend gave me. I am also going to try to see my friends as I know things will not be the same for a while after baby arrives. Please go quickly, next 5 weeks!

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