Friday, May 4, 2012

We Have Surpassed The Honeydew

How huge is that? We are currently a durian fruit which in all honesty I am not sure how big those are, but lets just say they are big!

How Far Along: 34 weeks 1 day! 
How Big Is Baby: Durian Fruit. Apparently between 17-19 inches and 4-6lbs. I am thinking this baby better not be 6 pounds already!
Total Weight Gain:
 I think around 19lbs. Hoping to make it to 25 by the time she arrives! 
Sleep: My crazy nesting mind has calmed down allowing for more restful nights. I get heartburn at night if I eat to close to bed that keeps me awake, but for the most part still loving sleep...I am so gonna miss sleep once baby gets here!
Movement: All the time! We even can identify body parts. My hubby was able to play with her little feet yesterday, but we have found knees, a little bottom, and other body parts we aren't exactly sure what they are. "Is this a knee? Could this be her back?"
What I Miss: Being able to put on socks like a normal person...for real!
What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting to full term...only 3 weeks left!
Milestones: I saw her on the ultrasound practicing breathing which I know is not a milestone for this week in particular, but it was pretty darn cool to see my baby trying to breath <3
Symptoms: Nothing too new: heartburn, peeing a lot, and bad skin.
Other: Lots of new things!
  • Both my friends due in April had their babies. Both baby boys were late. One was 7lbs the other was over 10lbs!!! The 10 pounder was almost 24 inches long! That poor woman!
  • My other really good friend that is 3 months behind me found out she was having a BOY! I am the only person in my group of friends having a girl. Kinda wish my Peanut would have a female friend, but I guess they won't know the difference for a while.
  • I had 2 showers this week and will spend Saturday with my mom and sister putting her nursery away!
  • My sister is recovering beautifully by the way and we could not be more proud of her for being so strong!!

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