Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Full Time Job!?

Okay not really, but it sure feels like it!
I would do anything for this little munchkin, but the amount of appointments I have due to being high risk is pretty unbelievable! This week I had 4 appointments! I basically spent all week going to work (25 minutes from my house) to the hospital after work (35 minutes from work) back to my house (30 minutes with traffic). After working, driving, sitting in the waiting room and seeing the doctors I was exhausted by the time I got home everyday and the husband has been picking up extra shifts so now the house is a mess, the laundry isn't done, and we desperately need to go grocery shopping.

Here are the good and not so good reports from all the doctor appointments!

The good:

CF clinic: My lung function is back up to 58% which is 4% above my pre- pregnancy FEV1 which is pretty amazing considering this baby is taking up my entire torso. Never in a million years did I think my FEV1 would remain ABOVE baseline at 34 weeks pregnant. I actually thought the pulmonologist was lying or he made a mistake, but he was being truthful.
OBGYN: At my regular appointment my fundal length was right on, heart rate was great, and movement was good as well. The doc was pleased.
NST (non stress test for baby): Baby was active and heart rate was good. I saw baby practicing her breathing which was the coolest thing ever and the tech said was a great sign of health and development. Also saw her full bladder which I guess only a mother could find cute, but it really was adorable!

The not-so good:

Ultrasound: I went in for my ultrasound and baby is head down (good), but was so low they couldn't measure my cervix. Even though my bladder felt full it apparently wasn't full enough so she made me drink and drink and wait 30 minutes since a full bladder will push baby's head out of the way. For the first time in my adult life I was terrified of peeing my pants! I ended up telling the receptionist to please call my tech because I didn't think I could hold it anymore and I was terribly uncomfortable. Turns out my bladder was SUPER full and in fact, on the ultrasound my bladder was BIGGER than baby's head! Peeing after the measurement was taken was the best moments in my life - sad, but true.
NST (non stress test): Turns out my amniotic fluid is a little low. I was 8.8 (not sure the units) and I should be between 10-12. Yikes! They really worry if it gets below 5 so I am not at a huge risk, but I still would like it to be closer to the normal range. Baby's bladder was full which the tech said would contribute a little to the lower number, but not enough to make a significant difference. I was told to drink a LOT and lay as often as I can this weekend. If my numbers are still low on Monday they may take me off work which would be fine by me.
I am hoping that my numbers are better after a weekend of rest. I will let you know after Monday!

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