Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stay At Home Wife

It is about 3:00 on my second day of maternity leave. I cannot believe how much you can get done when you are home all day!! In the 2 days I have been off these are the things I have accomplished:

  1. With the help of my husband we finished our vegetable garden. Yay! He finished prepping the soil while I was weeding, watering, and planting. I am sure I was a sight to see crawling around in the dirt with my almost 9 month belly. When i say crawling around in dirt I mean I was literally crawling around!! It is much easier to crawl to the next weed patch than stand, walk, and bend so crawl I did. My husband was busy sweating and chopping soil so only the neighbors dog who was peeking through the fence saw me.
    I have always wanted a garden, but living in apartments it proved to be difficult. Since we now live in a home I am beyond excited to have started a garden. We now have 7 jalapenos plants (my husband LOVES them, but sheesh I think he went overboard!), 6 tomato plants, 3 bell pepper plants, peas, radishes, onions, squash, and some herbs. We are already finding little tomatoes and I can't wait for the upcoming months!
  2. Did several loads of laundry for baby and now most of her stuff is ready for her arrival.
  3. Organized the closet and the kitchen to make room for baby stuff.
  4. Put together her bed with newly washed mattress liner, sheets, breathable bumper, etc.
  5. Did a nice clean down of the house.
  6. Went to 2 doctor appointments (no surprise there!)
  7. Yoga
  8. Picked out a dresser for the babies room
  9. Watched hulu, read a book and slept in everyday.
At this rate I will be done with my huge laundry list of things to do before baby way too soon! I guess I should enjoy it now since once baby gets here nothing will get done I suppose!


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I left you a big long comment when I got home from the hospital but my laptop ran out of battery before I published it and I couldn't face writing it again. Anyhow it had to do with the birth and labour. I was wondering if you had a birth plan and what your doctors are recommending. I went into hospital two weekds before my due date for a week of IV's to get me tip top for an induction a week before due date. The baby ended up coming on his own 9 days early. An early epidural was recommended so I would have enough energy to push. I wanted to labour until about 6cm this time on my own. Well it ended no epidural came until I was in complete agony. Finally when she came and had the needle in I had to lie down for her to administer it and was already crowning. I pushed the baby out in two pushes with no pain medication at all. Seriously painful but the moral of the story is that I did it and the CF didn't hinder me at all! All said and done it was incredibly painful but I'm proud of myself for actually having a completely natural childbirth this time. The best feeling in the world is holding your baby in your arms!! Not long now for you!

  2. That is amazing and totally inspirational!! I have been having a lot of fears in how CF will play a part of labor and delivery so it is great to hear such a beautiful successful birth! I decided to write a blog entry about my birth plan so keep an eye out for it. Was your daughters birth similar? How did CF play a role in her birth?