Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cloth Diapering a Toddler

There seems to be a lot of talk about cloth diapers lately among the CF mamas I know so I thought I would do a follow up on cloth diapering now that I have a toddler. Be forewarned this is a diaper post so of course bodily fluids are mentioned...

When I first started cloth Kaylee was exclusively breastfed so cloth was extremely easy. If she had a dirty diaper I would take it off and throw it in a wet bag (although later I realized I much prefer pail liners) and be done with it until I did diaper laundry.

Around 6 months my little nursling was introduced to solid food. I absolutely loved giving Kaylee solids and it was always exciting seeing her experience different textures (we did baby led weaning) and tastes for the first time. However, I hated solids when it came to diaper time. I will spare you the details, but once babies are introduced to solids their diapers need to be cleaned off before being put in the laundry. The problem is their poop is not completely solid yet. Yeah, it as gross as you are imagining. There were a few days that I questioned my cloth diapering ways and I even debated buying flushable liners to make this process a little less gross.

Then one day I removed another poopy diaper and to my delight (yes, I used the word delight while talking about poopy diapers) my daughter's transitional poop had turned into (little) big kid poop. This is like winning the cloth diaper lottery because rather than trying to clean sludge off a diaper you simply let the contents fall off the diaper into the toilet and flush. So simple!! We are officially consistently getting (little) big kid poop and cloth diapering is even easier than when she was a newborn. I am officially back to loving cloth diapers.

Now that Kaylee is bigger the cloth is slimmer on her so I love the way she looks with her fluffy butt. With summer just about here I feel less guilty about letting her run around outside without clothes on because her diapers are a fashion statement by themselves. The biggest challenge I am currently having with my cloth toddler (besides the typical toddler who refuses to lay still during a change) is that she has figured out how to remove the velcro diapers and the kid is a nudist at heart so we are sticking to snaps. Overall, I have absolutely no regrets about my decision to cloth diaper and would recommend it to anyone even considering cloth. 


  1. We are in the transitional poop stage....probably not the most awesome time to be starting cloth, but eh! Haha.

    1. If you get used to cloth in transitional poop you will will be overjoyed when toddler poop comes along. I am excited you are doing cloth!