Saturday, May 18, 2013

No Cayston??

I am allergic to every inhaled antibiotic except Cayston so it has truly become a lifeline for me. My health improved dramatically after starting it and I was able to go three years without a PICC which is a good think because I am allergic to everything involved in PICC lines. I also got through a healthy pregnancy thanks to Cayston. The past several months have been tough on my health and I was relieved in the beginning of May when I knew I would be starting Cayston since I always feel a lot better during my "on" months.

Two weeks into my Cayston month I went to do my morning treatment and as usual pushed the on button without paying much attention. As I was sitting their doing my treatment I realized that nothing was coming out of my neb. I looked down and say my machine was off so I pushed the on button again. The light turned green and the welcome screen appeared only to instantly turn off. I figured it wasn't plugged in all the way so I double checked. It was plugged in perfectly. I tried again. Nothing. I moved outlets. Nothing. I tried using batteries. Nothing. I started to panic internally for a second. I didn't want to stop mid-month and I really needed these antibiotic as I have been feeling tighter in my lungs lately and want to stay on top of my lung health. 

I called Altera expecting to answer a million questions or troubleshoot. To my shock they looked up my machine which is registered under my name and said they would overnight a new one. Sure enough the very next morning I had a brand new Altera on my porch. I did miss 3 doses and noticed the difference since I coughed a lot throughout the night after my missed treatments, but I have to admit I was pretty impressed that within 12 hours I had a new machine. So I am back on the Cayston train and just hoping my tightness dies down before the end of the month.

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