Friday, May 10, 2013

CF Awareness Month Blog - Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of CF. Well, the list of cons is so long I could write a book. Also, I think the cons of having a progressive fatal disease that requires hours upon hours of breathing treatments and medications to stay well are kinda obvious. The pros on the other hard are a little harder to find.

I think the biggest pro for me personally is that CF has opened my eyes to living a healthy lifestyle. Because so much of my life is ruled by meds, treatments, and pills I have looked closely at my day to day life and how I can keep it as pure and natural as possible. This includes the food I eat, the products I use to clean my house, the products I put on my skin, what I put on my daughter's skin, and how I wash my clothes. I want to expose my body to as few toxins as possible and have tried my best (and continually trying to improve) to make our living environment as clean (not in the bleached to death sense of the word) and as healthy as possible. Despite having CF I feel I have a very healthy lifestyle that is full of fresh, healthy food from the earth, a home environment free from harsh chemicals and toxins (or as free as possible considering the society we live in), and full of fresh air and exercise. I am not sure I would care as much about these things if I did not have CF because I am not sure how much I would even think about my health. I also love knowing that my daughter is growing up in this environment and in this life style as I know it will benefit her.

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