Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CF Awareness Month Blog- CF & Kids

Kaylee is only starting to talk and has a limited vocabulary, BUT she makes it clear that CF is already a big part of her life. I have 3 cute stories to share about CF and Kaylee.

  1. Whenever she sees my Albuterol puffer she holds it up to my mouth and then blows. I don't think she knows that I actually breath IN rather than blow out. It really is beyond cute, but kinda sad that she already knows what a puffer is.
  2. She thinks my nebs are the coolest thing around. Whenever I do treatments she wants to pull the neb from my mouth and suck on it too. I gave her a neb that only she can use and whenever she wants my neb I tell her to go get hers. She keeps it with all her toys and will walk over grab it and chew, suck, or make noises into her neb while I do my treatments. It is pretty darn cute. After having a past that CF was something we didn't talk about I am trying to normalize it and make sure I am open and available to Kaylee if she ever has questions about my treatments or CF.
  3. She performed CPT on me which I talk about here!

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