Monday, May 27, 2013

Homemade Wipe Solution

Before I became a mother I had all these ideas about what type of mother I wanted to be. If you have read my blog you know I am a little crunchy and don't buy conventional beauty products. I don't buy conventional baby products either. So in addition to cloth diapering I decided to make my own wipes. There are lots of tutorials out there on making your own wipes which I followed in the early days. Once I got into full time cloth diapering I realized cloth wipes were easier than making your own disposable wipes. Everything goes in the wash rather than throwing wipes in the garbage and diapers in the laundry. One experience of a homemade disposable wipe in the washer with the diapers (what a mess!) made me forever switch to cloth wipes.

The thing I love about cloth wipes is that the wipe solution I use is extremely versatile. I use it to wipe a dirty bottom, clean dirty hands, and can even use it as a face wash for myself. It is super easy and super cheap. In honor of reduce, reuse, recycle I used my peri bottle from the hospital to hold my wipe solution. It is the perfect size and since it is a squeeze top I can close it so little hands don't spray solution everywhere and I can control how fast the solution comes out onto the wipe.

Here is my wipe solution (I never measure and have never had a "bad" batch of wipe solution)

  1. Clean and rinse peri bottle
  2. Put a small glob of coconut oil* in bottle (other oils can be used as well. I originally used Mother Love Apricot Birthing Oil because I had it on hand and it worked just as well)
  3. Put a small squirt of California Baby Body Wash (or other baby soap) in bottle
  4. Fill with warm water
  5. Shake
How simple is that! I have never once purchased baby wipes from the store which saves money and I like knowing my baby's bottom is preservative free!

*I should note that coconut oil is solid in cooler weather. I found that if I vigorously shake the bottle before spraying the oil breaks up into little clumps and would come out with the water onto the wipe in small amounts which worked just fine. Now that it is warmer I never have this issue as the oil is in liquid form. If you live in colder climates and the clumps bother you I would suggest a different oil.


  1. I'm a little crunchy too. I have rosacea, under good control w/meds from my dermatologist, and sensitive, dry skin in general. To tell you the truth, my skin looks best the less I do with it. Cetaphil cleanser is recommended for rosacea, but many days it's just a warm wet washcloth. People scrub their skin into irritation using all kinds of 'beauty' products. Have you used coconut oil in cooking, too? I have, and have liked the results in some dishes.

    1. I find the less I do to my skin the better it looks as well!

      I love cooking with coconut oil, but my husband isn't much of a fan because he says it makes everything taste like coconut. I usually cook all my daughter's food with coconut oil since she can't complain ;)

  2. Very similar to my solution! I am going to blog about what I do soon.

    1. Can't wait to hear what your solution consists of. Do you use cloth wipes?

    2. Yep! I've never used disposable wipes with cloth... that just seemed nasty to me. ;) I love the cloth wipes!

    3. Yeah, it is super inconvenient. K was too little to start with cloth (I did not invest in newborn cloth because I had no idea how big she would be) and so I started making my own disposable wipes which was awesome with disposable diapers. Once I started cloth though the disposable wipes were a huge pain because I needed a garbage and a wet bag and had to make sure to separate them. Ick!

      I agree that I love cloth wipes too.