Thursday, May 23, 2013

Missing Meds

It seems that every few months something happens that prevents me from getting my meds. Sometimes I will admit it is partially (or fully) my fault. Like the time I needed HTS, but the pharmacy ran out. I probably should have put in the order before I was really low of HTS vials. Other times I really had no control over the issue like when my insurance suddenly said I was never insured by them despite having the same insurance for almost 10 years!

Well, it has happened again. I started to realize I was running low on my HTS and Albuterol so I called in my meds. I get my meds form an online pharmacy so I have to wait for them to be delivered. The lady said it would be shipped "one day delivery" so I assumed it would arrive the next day. This is new as it has always been a few days and you could get overnight for an extra fee. So when the package didn't arrive the next day I just assumed (that was my first problem right there!) it would arrive the nextfollowing day since I did not pay the extra fee. The next day it didn't arrive and I started to worry. The problem is that the pharmacy is on Eastern time which is a three hour time difference so their office closes at 3 (my time) and mail doesn't arrive until 6 my time. By the time I realized the package did not arrive my pharmacy had been closed for over three hours.

I called the pharmacy first thing this morning. Apparently, my Advair can not be filled until next week so they did not send any of my meds. They were waiting to send them all together. I have about 3 extra Advair left over from pregnancy that I did not need to use, but have no extra Albuterol and HTS. I wish they would have told me because I really did not even need to fill Advair. So my meds are arriving tomorrow (except Advair) which means tonight I will not have any Albuterol or HTS. Sigh. Yes, it was partially my fault. I should have called yesterday so they would have straightened everything out and I would have gotten the shipment today. I should not have assumed the package would arrive. I should have learned my lesson by now. Apparently I am a slow learner.


  1. The lovely joys of not having our medicines. I have found to order my meds 2 weeks in advance now before they run out. CVS has left a bad taste in my mouth bc they usually a. do not have my meds b. they never order the correct amount c. or never order the med. In fact now I call before I even pick up the meds to make sure they are there. So placing my order 2 weeks in advance has allowed me to stay on top of them and to insure that my meds are there when I need them. I have done auto refill with CVS and they always mess that up as well. I suggest trying to order your meds 2 weeks in advance to work out any kinks in this lovely system. Maybe set an alarm in your calander on your phone to remind you.

    Also, way to start running :) Keep moving cyster!!

    1. I used to get automatic refills and it always worked well. All of the sudden they said I couldn't use it anymore (???) and now I am having issues getting my meds on time. I am going to try filling them super early like you said!