Monday, June 11, 2012

Confessions Of A Pregnant Cyster Part 4

This will most likely be my last installment of Confessions before baby is here. You can catch my other 3 installments herehere, and here.

21. Everyone loves to tell you when you are newly pregnant to just wait till such and such happens and how horrible it is going to be. For example, when I first started feeling baby move everyone would say, "You just wait until she gets stronger and kicks all night. You won't get any sleep." Or another one I remember getting was, "You just wait till she finds your rib cage! You will not like feeling baby after that!" The list goes on and on.

This is complete and utter bullshit. I am 3 days shy of 40 weeks and I in no way have felt any of those "warnings" to have been bothersome. Sure she found my ribs, sure I have pelvic pressure, sure I get acid reflux like nobody's business, BUT would I ever need to warn another mother to be about these "horrors"? No, honestly I really can't complain about anything. It is all part of the experience and I wouldn't trade away peeing 100x a night for anything because it is a step needed in order for my dreams of becoming a mom to come true. This leads me to believe all these people are whiners and exaggerators and should try having CF and then see if a little foot to the rib is such a big deal. Sheesh, that was quite a vent!

22. I am getting to the point that I really want baby to be here. I know her due date isn't until Thursday and I have no problem letting her stay until she is ready, but the closer I get to 40 weeks the more I worry about having to be induced. I really want to avoid induction if at all possible and I know if she stays too long I will require an induction. I really would like her and my body to work together and have her arrive when nature intended rather than a bunch of medical doctors force her to come. In the end all I really want is a healthy baby, but I would love to have a healthy baby that comes on her own.

23. I still forget I am pregnant. Yes, it is weird, but true! I went out with a friend who is about 24 weeks pregnant and she was trying on maternity clothes. She tried one outfit on that was super cute. I mentioned it looked like it would be one of those maternity shirts that could be warn even when you are not pregnant. I then almost offered to try it on to see if it looks cute on a non pregnant body only to realize that I was significantly more pregnant than she was. Oops! I swear Peanut and I have live in such harmony that I forget that she is there sometimes. It is weird being 9 months pregnant and needing reminders that you are indeed pregnant!

Those are the last of my confessions and hopefully soon (very very soon) I will no longer be pregnant and will have to switch to confessions of a mothering cyster.


  1. Thanks for sharing all of your confessions with us! I can't imagine how excited you are to meet Peanut and I really hope she comes soon. I know I'm excited for you! Good luck over the next week or so, I'll be thinking of you! :)

  2. I am so excited for the baby to come into this world to such amazing parents!! I'm so glad this pregnancy went so well without any major CF complications! Gives me a ton of hope for the future when I can hopefully have a baby of my own. I've never really seen someone truly cherish every part of pregnancy like you do, you're amazing!

  3. Your rant about a foot in the ribs vs having CF was beautiful! I have always wondered about that as well. I think also that having CF makes us more amazed by the entire pregnancy. We are grateful for each phase of it because we know how special it is. I am praying for you over the next week, and I hope that Peanut comes on her own without an induction. Good luck!!

  4. When is baby coming!! Can't wait to "meet" her. I can't imagine what you are going through :)