Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Is That?!

I have a random pregnancy detail that I wanted to write down because I know I will never remember it and it is too weird not to remember. Lately, I have been having a weird sensation that took me forever to figure out the cause and it really is bizarre. Under my left baby feeder by my ribs I get this very unusual rattling. It sounds like there is something trying to escape and it gets worse when I walk. I actually was terrified it was mucus trapped in my lungs rattling around, but it sounded different than trapped mucus and it seemed to be a LOT of rattling for it to be in my lungs. I started to notice it happened more often when I drank a lot of fluids. Still a mystery, but figured it wasn't mucus. 

Yesterday I finally figured out what it was. It is trapped air and I realized it would rattle around until I would (politely and silently with my mouth shut) burp it out. Seriously. My organs are so shifted around I am not even sure what part of my digestive track is hanging out on my left side by my chest, but it traps air sometimes. I totally understand how a baby feels now when they want to burp (but unlike me can't) and then they cry. If the only way to get rid of it was to cry until someone wacked my back i probably would cry too.

The rest of the post is tmi so I am warning you now. 

I went to my second home the doctor and he asked me if i wanted a cervical check which I have always turned down in the past. You can be dilated, but not go into labor for weeks or you can be totally closed and give birth the next day. I didn't want false hope or to be frustrated when there is nothing you can do about how dilated you are. Plus I have felt almost nothing as far contractions or well anything! I say almost because sometimes I feel lots of pressure and other times feel crampy, but then I never know if I have to go to the bathroom or if it is cramps from my cervix. See I warned you!  

Today was a little different. When he offered I decided curiosity was getting the best of me and since it was my last appointment until I was full term (yikes) I decided to see what was going on. Turns out I am 1-2cm dilated and about 70% effaced. FYI- You need to be 100% effaced to push the baby out so 70% isn't too shabby. Although I know this doesn't indicate when baby will make her arrival it was nice to know my body is somewhat contemplating evicting her AND I have 1-2 fewer cms to deal with during labor. Only having 8-9 cms sure sounds better than 10! Now lets get this show on the road!!!

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