Friday, June 1, 2012

Creepy Crawlers and 38 weeks

I am officially 38 weeks and 1 day. I had a doctor appointment today and when they handed me the info packet for 38 weeks pregnant I almost gave it back to them. I can't possibly be 38 weeks already! That went way too fast!!!

What is new with the pregnancy?
I am experiencing the worst heartburn ever! It only happens at night and it happens all night long. I have tried everything natural I have ever heard of: papaya, gum, milk, propping up with pillows, not eating too close to bedtime, the list goes on and on. Most of these remedies worked for most of the pregnancy, but now no matter what I do my heartburn rages on all night long leaving me with little sleep. I finally talked to my doc who told me to take a liquid anti acid over the counter. I will be stopping by the grocery store today to get some! I need sleep and so does my poor husband that gets woken up pretty much every night!!!

Speaking of sleep the most disgusting thing that could possibly happen to a sleeping person happened to me last night! I was sleeping soundly when I woke up to the urge to pee (big surprise), but the problem was I just wasn't ready to get out of bed yet. I just really didn't feel like peeing. It loses its luster by the 6th time in a night. So of course, I decided I was itchy (I seem to get phantom itching this pregnancy) so I spent the time I should have been peeing itching each and every individual finger- yes, fingers can get itchy, I guess. While I was contemplating itching each finger again or getting up to pee I felt a little something on my chest. Naturally, I reached down to move the hair tickling my chest, only it wasn't a hair. It was a big fat hairy spider! Although, it was dark and I don't really know if it was hairy or even a spider, but it was big and it was skittering across my body. I flung it across the room and let out a shriek which woke my poor husband. He turned on the light and sweetly looked for the spider to kill it for me at 3:00 in the morning. We never found that damn spider and with much hesitation (and after peeing) I went back to sleep. As if between peeing and heartburn I didn't need one more thing to keep me awake at night!


  1. HOLY COW!! You handled it better than I would have. I probably would have shrieked for minutes on end! Ew..I hate spiders!

    1. I hate spiders, but I LOATHE spiders that are on me! Ugh, I still don't like thinking about it!