Monday, June 4, 2012

2 Week Wait Again!!!

Anyone who has ever tried to have a baby or heck even those who were trying not to have a baby knows all about the two week wait. Those pesky 2 weeks after the deed is done all the way up until you can test to see if your pregnant. Everyone tells you to stay busy, don't think about, you will make yourself crazy so ignore the fact you are waiting for the biggest life change ever! And of course, you understand they are being logical and that their advice is for the best, but nobody ever takes that advice! For me, every little thing that seemed even remotely different was a what if. I feel a little more tired today...maybe I am pregnant. I think my chest is more sore today I may be pregnant! I am feeling a little queasy I think I may be pregnant!! I may or may not be more or less hungry than usual, I must be pregnant!!!!

Yes, well nobody ever told me that those crazy thoughts come back again even after you get pregnant. I am currently in my second 2 (or 3) week wait for labor to begin. At least with a regular 2ww you have an end in sight. You know there is a test day and then a few days later you can test again if you think the test lied, but within a few days after that 2ww you know for sure whether or not you are pregnant. With labor, you could have your 2ww end the day it starts (38 weeks) or it could end 2 weeks after it was supposed to end (42 weeks). I know that eventually the doctors evict the little one so at least the wait isn't forever, but it sure feels like it!

For now, even though I told myself not to and even though I know it is crazy making everyday I feel extra pressure or a little more back pain or anything that may resemble early labor symptoms I think what if...

BTW- I totally blame my husband for this! I was set on expecting baby to be late so I wouldn't go crazy if I had to wait till 41 weeks to meet her. He informed me yesterday to my dismay that if baby comes early or on time he can take a week off work, but if baby comes 1 week late he can take maybe 4 days tops. I tried to pretend it was all cool because I know he does NOT want to leave baby that soon after delivery and I didn't want to make him feel bad, but sheesh that sure threw me in evict baby soon mode! I have to go now because I felt a weird twinge and think I may be in labor...(j/k).


  1. LOL! I never thought about the 2ww to get the baby OUT! It makes PERFECT sense, though. I feel bad about your husband's situation with work. You'll need to start doing some major walking/crouching lol! ;) I hope she decides to come soon so that you BOTH can enjoy your time with her!

    1. I went to yoga twice already this week in hopes to squat her out! Not sure she got the hint though.

  2. Wow that's great that your doctors are willing to let you go full term or even over. You must be really doing well health wise. For me early induction was recommended both times so I willed my little ones to come before and they both did!

  3. Sometimes I get a little nervous because even though I have handled pregnancy really well my lung function even when not pregnant isn't that great. I worry they forget I only have an FEV in the 50s, but I guess since my FEV now is still higher than my baseline they aren't worried. I hope they are right! Either way I am really hoping she comes sooner than later for my lungs sake.