Saturday, March 10, 2012

Excellent Care and Alien Bumps

I feel like I have a million things to talk about especially since so much happened while we without internet. I am going to start with one of the most exciting things I have experienced with this pregnancy followed by my high risk OB appointment which was very informative and somewhat interesting...

This morning after treatments while I was sitting around in a robe little Peanut decided to give me some of her poweful kicks and it wasn't at my bladder! I am rarely sitting around doing nothing while she is kicking (work, moving, nesting all get in the way) or I am in bed with the lights out since she is my little night owl. Well, this morning being Saturday and the fact I accidentally poured boiling water on my hand while cleaning nebs rendered me useless I was doing a whole lot of nothing. I was sitting around being moping because I had so much to get done and I was stuck sitting with my burning hand in ice water when Peanut cheered me up with some really strong kicks. I opened my robe to play a little tag with her and pushed on my belly where she kicked. Sure enough she kicked back and along with the kick came a lump in my belly. I could see her little kick from the outside. She did it a few more times and then decided to move and kick my side where I couldn't see anything. How cool is pregnancy!?

I wanted to update about my high risk OB who I basically love. I feel like I get such amazing care. I had my appointment on Thursday and was excited to be brought to the ultrasound room. Little did I know they were doing a cervical length check which is with an internal ultrasound. Not so fun, but ended up being really cool. Since preterm labor is a higher risk in CF the doc wanted to make sure my cervix wasn't shortening which is a sign that labor may be getting closer. I had a resident do the check, but my doctor was standing right there. Since she was learning it was actually really informative because the resident had to explain to the doc what she saw in order to make sure she was doing it right. I got a nice lesson on the cervix. I also saw little Peanuts toes hanging out right by my cervix and bladder. The whole time they were wiggling around. I am so in love with her little feet! Turns out my cervix is super long. The third longest my doctor has ever seen or so he said! This is great news and I was told they won't do another cervix check for a long time since mine was nice and long and they had no worries of preterm labor at this point. It was a relief to know that preterm labor isn't something in my near future.

They also scheduled a growth check at 28 weeks because cysters can have babies with low birth weight so they want to make sure she is growing normally although it seems at this point that everything is perfect. Again, I am thrilled they are being so cautious and I am always excited for an ultrasound!! The doctor then asked me how work was going. I explained that it is going well, my energy is fine, and that I like routine. He said that he sees no reason why I can't keep working until the end as long as my health is maintaining. He did say however, that if at ANY point I decide I do not feel comfortable working all I have to do is call the office. No appointment necessary. I just have to say the word and he will do the paperwork to ensure I stop working. I feel like I am receiving amazing care and couldn't be happier with my whole pregnancy  experience.


  1. wow that must be amazing seeing her kicking you, i'm glad everything is going so well for you xx

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is very cool and a little weird watching her move! Unfortunately, she loves being feet down which results in some big kicks to the bladder which are not so comfortable and can't be seen. My husband and I are always trying to get her to flip, but she is stubborn already!