Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blown Away...

Holy CRAP!!!

I got a new compressor today and never realized how awful my old compressor was! The amount of mist coming out of this neb is enough to blow me away! No wonder my old neb took twice as long as to be expected for treatments. Also, this one doesn't sputter so my computer screen is still clean after using my nebs.

Hey, if it cuts down on my morning treatments maybe I can sleep in a that is a nice thought :)


  1. The sputtering & getting all over the computer is the worst! My poor computer is so dirty but I swear I take of it lol Dang treatments!

  2. Mine too! It is so humiliating when someone asks to use my computer because I know the entire computer will be speckled with droplets from the meds. If I know someone will be using it I clean it beforehand, but the second I do another treatment it is gross again!