Tuesday, March 6, 2012

25 weeks

I have internet again!!!!!!!!

How Far Along: 25 weeks and 4 days
How Big Is Baby: The size of an eggplant! Wow!
Total Weight Gain:
 Still haven't taken out the scale from the move, but I have a feeling my weight slowed down because these past few weeks have been crazy and i have not been eating as often/much as I should.
Sleep: I am still sleeping well and still LOVE sleep! On the weekends when I can sleep in I get around 11 hours. On weekdays I try to get 8.
Movement: I panicked because over the weekend I did not feel her move AT ALL!! I was so upset that something was wrong because a day never goes by without movement. I called the online nurse and was on hold for over 15 minutes! I finally felt a little flutter so I hung up. Monday morning came and little Peanut was dancing all around! She continued ALL DAY LONG! I was so relieved!

 At one point I went outside to watch the kids for recess and have an hour before I could even potentially use the bathroom and she stomped so hard on my bladder I laughed out loud because she times it so well! Right when there was no possible way to empty mu bladder. She continues to dance on my bladder and kick my cervix all through the evening, but i was so happy to know she was okay that I didn't mind one bit!
Food Cravings: Still no cravings, but with moving I have not been as good about eating healthy. Sorry, Peanut!!!
What I Miss: Hmmm...at this moment nothing.
What I'm Looking Forward To: My appointment Thursday with my high risk OB. I so hope I get a sonogram.
Milestones: Baby knows which way is up and down now. I guess that is why she loves being breech and standing on my bladder.
Symptoms: Nothing new. just the same old, same old.
Other: We bought a CRIB!!! It is not set up yet, but it is on our to do list. I will post pics when it is up and ready. I love walking by her room and picturing the day she will be in there.

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