Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cough Cough

So I got the cold from hell. I have done really well this pregnancy not catching anything my little students have. I dodged two outbreaks of lice, the stomach flu, the regular flu a close encounter with whooping cough, and various colds, but somehow this one found its way to me. I was coughing all night and feeling exhausted all day due to coughing so much. I stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday which for anyone who knows me, is not something I do often. If I am not contagious I go to work and if I stay home I usually feel guilty all day about it. I am not sure why, but I hate missing work.After a lot of reassurance from my hubby that it was the right thing to do, I stayed home on Monday to rest. I had clinic and my numbers were down a little. The docs think it is from the cold/normal smooshing of the lungs due to baby. The docs didn't seem worried, but I was freaking out internally because I still have 12 weeks left would really prefer to delay the lung squishing.

Monday night I was coughing so much that I thought I would go insane. At one point I was pounding around the bedroom cussing like a sailor because I didn't know what else to do (attractive huh). My husband and I both sleep like rocks so all my coughing and cussing had no effect on him while he remained in dreamland. All of the sudden I felt the little tap tap of Peanut. My little girl had no idea that I was sick. She didn't know i needed to work and I was missing out on sleep. She didn't know that I was worried about lung function and CF and being a good mommy to her while she grows inside of me. So as pissed off as I was that I got this nasty cold she reminded me of what really matters, her. I didn't want my bad mood to effect her in anyway so I put my butt back in bed and took the next day off. I am feeling better today, but still not 100%. I will keep you posted about my lungs/health.

News about Peanut
I like writing this part because it puts me in a much better mood than talking about being sick. My little breech baby who loves kicking down low or likes kicking her little legs on my right side has become more adventurous which i love! I have started to feel her kicks on other areas of my belly for a change and she is spending much less time being breech which is good because I of course want her head down as she gets bigger and ready for her appearance. The strangest kicks I get is when she is transverse (side to side) and I can feel her on both the left and right of my stomach! I am not sure is she is bouncing off one side and hitting the other or is she can stretch across my whole stomach and I feel both kicks and punches, but it sure is cool to get so much movement. Her daddy and I love feeling her and my husband already loves playing games with her. I know many parents feel this way, but sometimes I can't imagine that any baby could possibly be loved as much as our little one.


  1. Hope you are starting to feel better and the cold is passing(without turning into an infection). You have been super lucky to not have had anything up until now!! I totally know how you feel with the coughing. For the past two weeks I've been almost ready to give up. A person can only take so much coughing and for me all of the pregnancy side effects that go with it such as no more bladder control, serious ligament pain where the baby is and thorwing up while having a coughing fit not to mention having to look after a four year old. I've been so exhausted I was wanting anything to help stop the coughing. Then I realised that not only did I have an infection but had cought my daughters cold at the same time and that is why I wasn't getting the same good response to the antibiotics that I normally do. Finally I am starting to feel human again!
    I love your post because I feel the same way. I know from my first pregnancy that the baby is not phased by all of the coughing and feeling them kicking and moving makes it all worth it. The best thing is waking up in the morning and remembering that you are not alone!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiring posts.xx

  2. I hate that you went through a similar situation, but am so glad that someone can relate! The nonstop coughing will make you crazy and the bladder issues while coughing nonstop is something few people can understand. I am so glad you are feeling human again. How far along are you now?

  3. I am feeling better now thank goodness. Hopefully I will be good for another two weeks now. I'm 33 weeks. The worst bit is coming. The last couple of months are for sure the hardest. I love reading all about your experiences since we are so close together in our pregnancies.
    As for the bladder bit it's like a never ending cycle. You have to drink the water to help with the coughing but then it just keeps coming out!LOL

  4. It is great we are so close together in our pregnancies! Yes, the bladder issue is a awful never ending cycle. Sigh. I can't imagine how bad it will be AFTER the baby comes...