Thursday, July 7, 2011

Very Stubborn..Kinda Like Me

This plug will NOT move for the life of me. I am using albuterol and Mortin every 4 hours, vesting (in all different positions) for an hour at a time 3x/day, manual CPT 2x/day, using a vial and 1/2 of hypertonic saline instead of one vial, plus all my regular stuff and the thing is still stuck!! If anyone has advice, PLEASE share it!! I am desperate!

In other news, I was able to swim yesterday and it caused almost no pain. This was probably because I was all drugged up on Mortin, but I was happy nonetheless. The other great news is that I had a post swim coughing attack on my way home that was so bad that I had to pull over into a parking lot because I couldn't drive. Yes, I know this doesn't sound like great news, but it was. I really thought the plug was coming out because I was coughing so hard I couldn't breath or see which rarely happens. I did not move the plug (dammit), but I did start coughing out some very old disgusting dark green mucus. This continued all evening. It was awesome because my mucus lately is always very light yellow and super thin so this nasty stuff must have been from way deep down. It is amazing that thick nasty mucus can make my ecstatic when "normal" people would probably throw up with disgust.

Last bit of news, the other day hubber and I got to play with his 1 and something month old cousin. It was so fun! When we arrived the baby squealed and came running/wobbiling over to hubber full blast and attempted to climb up his legs. Hubber picked him up and the baby nuzzled hubber so hard, I thought the baby was trying to nuzzle right through hubber's skin. The baby loved my husband so much that although I usually have the magic touch with kids (That is my job after all) the baby only had eyes for hubber. If fact, when my husband went to the restroom the baby fell on the floor and cried hysterically until he came back. I love seeing that my husband is so good with kids and that they love him. It really melts my heart, BUT I am now concerned that if we become parents I will NOT be the favorite parent. Sigh.

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