Friday, July 15, 2011


I have two different insurance carriers due to a complicated reason that I won't get into on this blog. Anyways, I decided to use my work insurance to see another CF doctor in the area just because I figure getting a second opinion on everything (would pregnancy be a safe idea, is my medicine routine enough, is there anything else I should be doing health wise...) would only be beneficial. I currently go to an accredited CF center, but there is another local CF doctor that is not at an accredited clinic. BUT this doctor used to work for the clinic I currently go to. Is that confusing enough for you?

I decided to call the appointment line to set an appointment with the new doctor. I explained that I had cystic fibrosis and was wondering if I needed a referral from my primary care doc to see a specialist or if I could bypass that process since I already have a confirmed diagnosis. This was the conversation that took place:

Lady: "Hmm, well I think you need to see your OBGYN about that before any referrals take place."
Me "Cystic Fibrosis is a lung disease"
Lady: "It is a lung disease?" (she sounded very confused)
Me: "Yes, so I would rather see a Pulmonary Dr."

Makes me a little concerned about the medical provider I am using.

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